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Proton2 Proton2 No Global Warming for 18 Y 9 M ​wattsupwith​that.com
  • nice surprise on W10M

    On September 9 I upgraded from my Windows Phone 7 HTC Surround device to a 950XL + a Dock for Continuum.

    The day before I posted in this forum about my year long break from the Internet. This new phone is making it hard to keep away.

    Originally I went to the Burnaby Metrotown Mall to buy a Kobo Aura One ebook reader to help me in my studies as it is a dedicated device which doesn't lose my place in pdf books that I am studying. I had a similar device for quite a while that I used for studying but one hot summer day it got fried when it got to hot inside my backpack along side my coffee mug.

    So I ride my bicycle for 3 hours to the Chapters book store at that mall having checked on the internet for stock and outside access from the mall so that I could keep an eye on my bike.

    Once I arrived there I discovered that their in-store kiosk shows them as out of stock. So I resign myself to holding to my original plan to keep a certain level of cash in my finances and I settle in at their Starbucks inside their store with my bike in view from where I sat. I am using my Surface tablet to map out my route home having settled on taking a tour of the north and west edges of Central park in Burnaby as I have never been there before or if I had it would have been some 30 years ago. Then I would head north to East Hastings and east from there, around Burnaby Mountains North side and the rest of the way home. I try to avoid the massive hills between me and eastern cities but it adds an extra hour in time to my rides.

    Anyway, as I get ready to go I see before my eyes that my bike has vanished. This is very upsetting because that was my means of getting home. I was glad that I hadn't fixed the front derailer or the slow leak in the back tire or the wobbly back wheel which caused me to disable the back brakes, as well as the handle grips that constantly slip down the handle bars.

    So a new opportunity opened up. Here I was at the mall that has a Microsoft Store and I could browse the mall and that store without worrying about my bike...

    I had planned to visit the store after my somewhat local sky train had started operations in about 3 months, (originally supposed to be working this summer but then got pushed to early next year).

    So I am ready to buy the phone but I am having trouble with my debit card. I am declined. Now it just so happens that almost exactly 3 years earlier I had the same problem when I was buying my Surface Pro tablet. But I can't remember the details. Just days earlier I had found my debit card amongst my unfiled correspondence that had been sent to me the previous summer. So I was able to use my bank account again. Anyways, I had to leave the store and see if I could withdraw cash from an ATM.

    Where oh where is there a Royal Bank ATM in this neck of the woods that I havent been to for many years. So half an hour later I am back at the Microsoft Store having discovered that I should have selected "Chequing" instead of "Savings" account. I was almost going to select that during my first visit but was somehow talked out of it from the Microsoft employee at the store.

    So I have my phone, love the new experience and am using continuum right now with a Logitech keyboard and mouse (which surprised me that it works) to type this too long post.

    I decided to join the fast ring for WM10.

    I am happy that I can now get my UWP app development easily onto a mobile device. I lost the ability to do so with my previous phone. To bad it wasn't this easy from the start of WM. I switched to WM 4 years ago (from pocket pc)

    This continuum : I can see where Microsoft might be heading with WM. Switching to x86 processor and just using the desktop version of the OS once Intel gets a CPU that works well for such a device. That would be awesome if I could use Visual Studio on my phone. Yeah I know that we are a few years away from this possibility. Meanwhile I am going to get a lot of use out of my new 950XL, and I am going to save up for the Surface Phone launch :)

    Ok, that is all until next year, > 2017 May 18, 8pm when my year off from the Internet is over.

    PS, besides MSDN magazine and the Microsoft Store web sites, I am also allowing Channel 9 content (podcast app on my new phone) through my self imposed internet wall.

    PPS I forgot to mention I walked home from the mall. A 5 hour walk.

  • I am taking a year off from the Internet

    Hi fellow Niners.

    I am into my 4th month of a year long self imposed exile from the Internet. I will be back in full form after 8 pm, may 18, 2017.

    I restrict myself to MSDN magazine and the Microsoft store. And that is it. No climate change web sites. No political websites. No technology news, just those two web sites.

    I am spending all that extra freed up time to finish my studies in The Finite Element Method. A topic I first started studying about a decade ago. I had to spend a few years studying calculus in order to even begin to understand the basics of the FEM introductions.

    I have broken from my vow of abstinence for the past hour because of curiosity of any big news.

    I see just rumours.

    I am considering also taking a leave of absence from daily current news, as there are far too many references to climate change still of which I know it is not happening in reality.

    I will be back in full form and participation once my year of exile is over.

    Yours truly :

    Gary G. Mount

  • SpaceX stop it, you're making me teary eyed again

    @bondsbw: I'm just using a bit of rhetoric, I am not really thrilled, I'd say indifferent. I am not sure about fossil fuels being overused. The IEA says fossil fuel usage will be increasing, I was going to provide the numbers but I can't seem to find them at the moment. IEA says that it will cost $44 trillion to decarbonize the energy supply of the world.

    As for if I have any monetary interest, do I need an about page for myself ! I simply use fossil fuel to heat my home during the cold months and heat my hot water and occasionally to power my lawn mower. I don't drive a car, I ride a bicycle or walk. That is about the full extent of my personal fossil fuel usage and interest.

    I do have an interest in a climate science software project called Wattson, as I am the chief software architect for the project.


    - - - Some Elon Musk news

    The real problem with Tesla cars is that no one actually buys them. Well, not directly. Their manufacture is heavily subsidized — and their sale is heavily subsidized. Tesla does not make money by selling cars, either. It makes money by selling "carbon credits" to real car companies that make functionally and economically viable vehicles that can and do sell on the merits — but which are not "zero emissions" vehicles. It is estimated that Musk's various ventures — including his new SolarCity solar panel operation and SpaceX — have cost taxpayers at least $4.9 billion, with Tesla accounting for about half of that dole. –Eric Peters, The Detroit News, 9 May 2016

  • SpaceX stop it, you're making me teary eyed again

    , bondsbw wrote

    @Proton2:  Why would you be "thrilled" that it relies on fossil fuels?


    Because of Elon Musks statement about fosil fuels :






    By the way, a recent study by NASA says that CO2 emissions are greening the planet. :



  • SpaceX stop it, you're making me teary eyed again

    I'm thrilled that it relys on fosil fuels (kerosene) to get off the ground, and back onto the ground.

  • Anyone familiar with 'Common Lisp'?

    Have you seen the "Come Alive" Visual Studio extension ?


    It is shown in a recent Chan9 featured video, starting about 24 minutes in :


  • Xamarin - hopes and fears

    , Ian2 wrote


    Hmmm, you should have been listening to the Ramones (or better still, starting your own punk band?)

    I didn't start listening to music until 1979. Captain & Tennille's Muskrat Love was one of my favorites. What a wonderful time to be alive.


  • Xamarin - hopes and fears

    2. The Windows (10) Universal Platform is still relatively new and there is still quite a bit of 'catching up' to do.

     What do others think?

    I switched from Silverlight to UWP with very few changes necessary to my code, so for me UWP isn't all that new.

    I do not know if I will ever support any other system other than Windows. I have that luxury of being able to get away with that.


    As for Swift, I have invested a huge amount of my time to learn design patterns and other things, I am in it (programming) for the long term. I use C# and .NET and I don't see the benefit of learning Swift that might have a easier syntax to learn or whatever the appeal of it is. When I have several years of study invested in computer programming, the 6 months of learning C, the 6 months learning C++, the 6 months learning the Win32 SDK, the OLE , MFC, DirectX...

    I studied Fortran then Modula 2 at Simon Fraser University during my Computer Science years.

    I wrote a term paper titled "The Computer's Increasing Use In Society" in 1977 and I hadn't even touched a real live working computer at all in my entire life up to that time and had just recently switched from using slide rulers in physics class to a electronic calculator.

    I have had a love, hate relationship with programming, and for a while with computers too. But today, I am absolutely thrilled at the state of Microsoft's offerings, both in the software development tools and in their hardware.

    Sorry, I think I have gone way off Xamarin topic, but you did ask Ian.

    40 years of computer science

  • Intel Atom no more?

    , Ian2 wrote

    Looks like the current dev version of the Hololens would be a casualty:


    Climate science is easy compared to figuring out what all this means.

    Apollo Lake ( Goldmont Atom cores) its still on the way.
    And the X5-Z8100 is based on Cherrytrail (Airmont Atom cores) , witch will still be in production for a while


  • Tonight (May 2) only national movie event

    We watched it tonight in Redmond, WA. Home to Microsoft. Our theater was almost full, ~200, mostly older folks. We laughed in the right places and clapped at the end.
    Expected outside protests but none showed up.