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  • When developing a larger website do you start with the UI or the database?

    I don't do web development, but I do keep up somewhat with the technologies. I would create domain (model) objects with .NET and use the MVC technologies to work with the UI and I would use that technology that creates the databases (or schema ?) automagically.

    This is what I have essentially done with my Windows App projects, using MVVM though instead of MVC. Unfortunately the technology I have been using for databases does not seem to be supported by Microsoft once I moved from Windows Phone 7.1 projects to Windows Store type projects. I could use third party code like SQLite, but I have decided to see if I can roll my own just so I don't have to re-write my current code, which I could do by switching to a non-database solution. I am brushing off my old computer science books...

  • Debugging Universal Unit Test but source code not available

    I have found a work around for this problem. I created a Portable Class library project and moved the non test class code to this project. I created a new Test project for the desktop and moved my test classes to that project and reference the class library project.

    As a result this all works good enough now for me to continue with my projects.

    Note: I tested this by including a Universal Windows 10 App project and I reference the class library. I also created a new Universal Windows 10 Test project and linked the files from the desktop unit test project, and it all works.

    I did have to change many internal and private methods and classes to public, or I could have added an assembly directive to treat the test project assembly as a friend of the class library. I would then have to link the class library files to the App project instead of adding a reference only, to get it to work and not change my access levels.

  • Debugging Universal Unit Test but source code not available

    Maybe I should join Dev Essentials so I can ask Microsoft what the %#$ is going on, 'is this a bug or by design', and maybe I can get an answer,

  • Debugging Universal Unit Test but source code not available

    I forgot to mention that debug output doesn't show up either.

  • Debugging Universal Unit Test but source code not available

    I installed the update 1 RC, still not working.

  • Debugging Universal Unit Test but source code not available

    Just to make it clear, my problem is only in the stack trace part of the test unit window. I can step through my code while debugging, just can't click on the stack trace output to open the relevant file, and if I coud, I would be a whole lot more productive while I try to figure out how to switch to the new Universal Windows 10 development.

    Note I am using Visual Studio 2015, both the community version and the pro version (for the next 90 days at least ).

  • Debugging Universal Unit Test but source code not available

    Any one know how to get the source code to be available in a Universal Test Unit project ?

    In other project types I can click on the stack trace for tests that fail, but not in my Universal project.

    I tried lots of different settings and have concluded that I have to get the .pdb file to deploy with the apx , more or less, but I don't know how to do that.

    Note that the files I need for debugging are part of the Test Unit project and are not in a separate project class library.

  • Cortana is doing that Clippy thing

    Cortana still not available in my country Canada.

  • define ironic

    @TheTraveler:They have applied for €125,000

  • Old Phones

    That is 19 days before the day I had to put down my dog due to cancer.