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Proton2 Proton2 No Global Warming for 18 Y 9 M ​wattsupwith​that.com
  • Which keyboard you'll choose

    I wish my surface pro type cover had backlit keys. I also use my Microsoft Wireless Entertainment 8000 with my Surface Pro. Remaped several keys for visual studio.

  • Why does Windows think it knows better than me?

    @wastingtimewithforums:There is a good reason and that is all about Win10 apps and future compatibility assurance.

  • Win10: ​Bewildermen​t.... Not loading it...

    I'll have a post up soon about my sudden switch from developing a Windows Phone 7.8 to Win10 that I will be titling 'Mango Blues'.

  • Win10: ​Bewildermen​t.... Not loading it...

    Jamie, it's Saturday evening when you posted here in Redmond time zone.


    If you don't upgrade, you won't be able to install any apps that I am developing because I have decided to only support Win 10.

  • Windows Phone 10 is coming.

    I discovered a few days ago that I can't developer unlock my WP7.1 / .8 ? phone. I thought it was unlocked before the cut off of the ability to developer unlock the 7devices.

    Me so sad.

  • Windows Phone 10 is coming.

    I think I would rather have wireless recharging.

  • Office 2016 available:

    , Ian2 wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: Curiosity killed the cat ...



    Satisfaction brought it back.

  • Apparently, WMC is no longer part of Win10

    I had forgotten about Media Center until recently. After reinstalling Win8.1 I reinstalled MC as well. I resurrected my XBOX 360 and now watch my old recordings from 2 and more years ago.

    What terrible quality the analog video is. After watching digital TV now for a couple of years, going back to the analog recordings now is a reminder of why MC is doomed.

    My digital TV system is via a fiber optic connection to the inside of my home whereupon it is then transferred to the copper home network. Anyways, I have a Media Center software in the TV providers provided boxes, one device records and plays while 2 others play and get content from the recording device.

    If I really want to, and I have occasionally, I can plug in a analog recording USB device I have and record any content that is on my new digital system. It is more steps than just having the MC ".wintv" or ".dvrs" already on the hard drive. 

  • Ooops I blamed Windows 10

    I had problems printing to my printer on my desktop machine running Win 10 yet on my Surface Pro that still has Win8.1 the printer worked just fine. Now since I need the printer to print out corporate tax files, I had to solve the problem quickly and reverted my desktop bad to the previous version, Win 8.1. But the printer problem persisted.

    I don't know what my brother did to my computer, but IE kept spawning ads no matter what web site I visited, and I had to turn off the audio. I figured out that I could kill the process using task manager.

    I reinstalled Win8.1 by downloading the setup media that Microsoft has recently provided. It took me quite a while to find the emails with the keys that I purchased, 3 of them. Guessing which key went to which machine was a 1 in 3 chance of picking the right one. I picked the wrong I found out after trying to authenticate. Easy enough to change the key, which then worked on the second guess.

    And every thing is working fine now, printer works, no pop up stuff from IE. I even put Media Center back on, used the key I got for free from Microsoft during the free time period.

    So, sorry Win 10 team, I blamed Win 10 for the printer problem and it somewhat wasn't to blame.

  • VS2015-​Community RC

    I can confirm that 2010 Pro runs just fine on my system with VS 2013 Community as well as VS 2015 Enterprise RC also installed. Even works running concurrently, as I like to do as there are still some features in 2010 that aren't available with the newer versions.

    Also I still am doing Windows Phone 7.8 development, and I also have Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows Phone installed (all on my Surface Pro original).

    The only time that one had to un-install was with the first ctp of Visual Studio 2013 or whatever it was called.