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Proton2 Proton2 No Global Warming for 18 Y 2 M ​wattsupwith​that.com
  • "I think we can declare that Microsoft’s Windows RT experiment is officially dead."

    Microsoft has wasted a lot of money on developing for nearly obsolete technologies. Remember all that work they did for last gen cell phones that supported text but not graphics? Thing is there is a risk in not pursuing certain technologies in a competitive world, as well as the risk of wasting your resources (developers).

  • Is Microsoft about to do an Apple?

    Apple almost went bankrupt and Microsoft helped out by buying a lot of their stock.

  • crazy anti-cop culture.

    , Proton2 wrote

    I break the law nearly every single day and sometimes right in front of cops. Can you guess what law I am breaking ?

    OK, its been 12 hours and the answer is, I don't wear a bike helmet when I ride my bike. And to prove a point, I rode right past half a dozen cops just moments ago, while they were attending to a serious car accident a few yards away from the entrance to this here coffee shop I now sit at.

  • crazy anti-cop culture.

    I break the law nearly every single day and sometimes right in front of cops. Can you guess what law I am breaking ?

  • Artificial intelligence could end mankind

    There seems to be some misunderstanding of Quantum Mechanics in this thread.

    I only just started my studies in Quantum Mechanics a few weeks ago with intent to complete the task to expert status (a few years into the future), but I have learned enough so far to make a few informed comments.

    First of all Quantum really means discrete. It means that everything in the universe exists as... let me quote from Dr. Albert Messiah from his classic Quantum Mechanics book :

    "In the universe, one distinguishes two categories of objects, matter and radiation. Matter is made up of perfectly localizable corpuscles subject to Newton's laws of Rational Mechanics; the state of each corpuscle is defined at any instant by its position and its velocity (or its momentum), that is six dynamical variables in all. Radiation obeys Maxwell's laws of electromagnetism ; its dynamical variables - infinite in number - are the components of the electric and magnetic fields at each point of space. In contrast to matter it is not possible to split radiation into corpuscles which can be localized in space and maintain this localized character during their evolution in the course of time; quite to the contrary, it exhibits  wave-like behavior which manifests itself particularly in the well known phenomena of interference and diffraction"

    What one should understand is that for example the photon is both a particle and a wave at the same time. In our macro world, such a thing doesn't exist, we can't experience this duality, it is foreign to our life experience, which is why it took until about 1925 to finally accept that it is true by using proofs from ... etc.

    - - -

    Quantum, quanta. During experiments, when bombarding stuff with radiation, it was discovered that this radiation is not continuous but made up of quanta, or discrete components.

  • Poor Turing.

    , Ian2 wrote


    I can't say that Quentin is a particular hero of mine (though I can see that he was heroic) but the guy who played him .. that's another story.


    Damn, you forced me to post this link:


    You remind me of a film that, if you can believe it, was partially filmed in my garage because they used my car, a Porsche, as a prop.

    Marlboro City, 1992


    There is a lot of water under this bridge. The producer/director was going out with my former girlfriend, who I still dream about to this day though I last saw her over a quarter century ago.

  • Poor Turing.

    That reminds me of Quentin Crisp. I read his book years ago, and still have the book.


  • Is anyone else still waiting for Denim?

    Still on Mango here.

  • Artificial intelligence could end mankind


  • Windows 2000 launch video

    No video, but found this:

    "In a high-energy keynote address, Gates and event host, actor Patrick Stewart (
    "Star Trek Next Generation"
    ), introduced the latest generation of the Windows operating system using a giant 40-foot laptop and live demonstrations. Twelve-time Grammy nominee rock musician Carlos Santana and his band also joined Gates onstage.

    Gates, along with his co-host Stewart, introduced four popular computing scenarios: the Business PC, the Enterprise, the Internet and PC Innovations."