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  • OneDrive problems

    , MasterPi wrote

    If you really want to avoid source control (I can't see why...), maybe wire up an external SSD to your router and access over the net.

    This is what I do except for the part where I have internet access to it. I can have internet access to it if I bothered to set it up as it is a service my router vender supplies. I don't have the need to do so however.

    I use it for "File History" for all my household computers and map the drive to the local machine.

  • Broken Weather App

    My Weather app, the one that comes with Windows 10, is reporting that is will be -3C (27F) tonight. Currently it is almost 80F in my office/bedroom. I am located a little inland from Vancouver B.C. It rarely gets to those temperatures even in the middle of winter here. Obviously there is some foul up with the forecast.

  • 10 device limit for installing Apps

    The Windows 8 limit is / was 81 devices.

  • Google.com unsafe ?

    A few of the sites I regularly visit say there is some problem with the security certificate or words like that. This has showed up a couple of weeks ago.

  • OneDrive problems

    by don't you use TFS or a git repository?

  • Your Oldest Windows 10 Device?

    I have an i7 first gen and a Pentium D system both running Win10 from about year 2007, though I will have to check my receipts for actual date of purchase.

  • I finally understand WM is not WP

    The most heavily used computers in my household are currently using WinCE/5.0.1400

    Though probably my router is actually the most heavily used computer if it can be called a computer.

    If you are wondering, the WinCE computer is a Cisco digital box for my TV etc.

  • Real Programmers write their own tools ... ?

    I have researched how to do Roslyn add ins or whatever it is called. But I just don't have time right now, as I am trying to get some software up and running. Once I accomplish that task however, I intend to spend considerable time creating add-ins.

    Does keyboard macros count ? For example I use a key on my keyboard that goes to the end of a line and adds a ' ; ' to the end of the line. A real time saver.

  • Surface phone

    My pocket pc that supported stylus (no touch) was handy and I really miss it. On the other hand, I did find the screen size to be a bit  too small.

  • Surface phone

    The Lumia line will continue that doesn't support a pen and the Surface line that does.