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  • My Metro / Modern IE broke

    Darn it, my text I wrote here disappeared. I'll refill in the info after I post, when my blood pressure lowers.

  • Back from the dead - MS-DOS 1.1

    You should have headlined this post "Microsoft releases its operating system SOURCE CODE"




  • Official ​Announcemen​ts for Killings?

    My current "Silverlight" project for Windows Phone 7 (mango) was mostly developed from only the unit testing environment. Only the Views are developed in a Silverlight project, which are only the XAML markup and code behind. I have a Silverlight project for the other components of the app that simply contain links to the other files.

    I'm already ready for the Modern version of my app and have made sure that the code I have written will work when the time comes. There are a few quarks that I have learned how to get around, either #define or write a separate file for the few areas where there are differences.

    So in conclusion: Most of my Silverlight app is really .NET as will the Modern version be.

    I do want to switch to C++ and DirectX for a future Modern and Windows phone 8 version. I am very rusty at C++, having switched to C# when it first came out.

  • Official ​Announcemen​ts for Killings?

    Honestly, I thought this topic would be about a fantastic new Xbox game.

    Anyways, I use a so far successful strategy I call Procrastination.

  • Average Number of Posts until Topic Change

    I have noticed that all topics about patents tend to stop after I mention that patents have a limited life span.

    @spivonious : I wish Bill Gates would do his due diligence on that topic. I read some awful crap by him recently. A year ago I said I wouldn't mention the topic for 2 years, so still have a year reprieve on this forum. ;)

  • Surface Mini is coming ?

    Introducing a Surface Mini with the new Intel 14nm chip and Windows 9 in spring 2015 is my best guess. I'd buy one if it supports a pen/stylus.

  • 85% of Developers Unit Test? Of course they do.

    Some important concepts have been missed by commenters here. A few years ago I made the decision to always do TTD. I haven't done a lot of coding or projects, so perhaps its easy for me to say "do TTD".  Never-the-less, I use the "generate from usage" facilities of Visual Studio, so I'm not really writing the code twice, I write in the unit test project and have "skeleton" code generated for the production code, which of course you fill in the details later to pass the unit test assertions or whatever.

    The unit tests are a great way of developing the code that doesn't require the UI. For my latest project, for the Phone and Modern Windows, I was able to develop and debug most of it with the desktop only IDE, no need to spin up the phone emulator or write code in a Modern UI that I have to then click on to execute the particular piece of code I'm interested in. Just hit that key combo that I have forgotten at the moment and I'm off and running in the section of code I'm interested in, all because I'm in the unit test.

    Another advantage is the Unit Test can act as documentation.

    I also do a lot of refactoring and the unit tests provide that peace of mind that catches when I break things.

    Now, on my current project I did bring in some code that wasn't developed with unit tests, so I used the facility in  Visual Studio 2010 Pro to generate unit tests from existing code. I'm not sure if it would have been easier to have just rewritten the code from scratch, but it worked out in the end.

    Update: Oops TTD should be TDD.

  • Cloak -- I wish I'd had this idea

    I saw a movie where they were using that. I think it was called The Wrath of Khan.

  • Yeah, I might have been wrong about the whole space travel thing.

    I found this real easy to understand article that explains everything:


     Update: Oops, my mistake, it doesn't explain cats. I think the following link fills in for that oversight:




    No, wait, I think this one explains cats in an easy to understand format:




    Let me know in the comments.

  • Bill Gates: Robouts took yer jerbs

    In not unrelated news, it turns out that large slabs of American journalism are being written by robots.

    (h/t Mark Steyn )