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  • Pen and Ink

    Great video.  Is there a way to erase by point, rather than stroke, in a C# UWP app or does this have to be done using DirectInk?

  • Defrag: Reset Zoom in IE, Display Properties via CL, AppData Compression

    Great show - in case it's more handy, you can also hit the shift key 5 times to activate sticky keys.

  • Installing and Using the Kinect Sensor (Beta 2 SDK)

    @Dan:  I have installed previous drivers, but uninstalled them prior to installing this SDK. 

    My Kinect is blinking green and is plugged into the wall.

    I have restarted after trying several different configurations and have also tried several different USB ports (no hub as indicated in the read-me)

    In my device manager I do see all three components (Kinect Audio Array, KInect Camera, and Kinect Device) and when I switch USB ports and check the driver installation status it seems to pick up the references to those three drivers, but it still isn't working.

    Thanks for the help!  It is greatly appreciated.