Qi Qi

Qi Qi Qi Qi

Niner since 2009

I am a PhD student in Computer Science Department at the University of Missouri - Columbia. My research focus on distributed (coordination) optimization, machine learning, wireless networks. I also like web based technology like web development, cloud computing, etc. My goal is to have the computer world benefit from the renovated technology that I develop. Start up my own business for making my living and contribute to the world.


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    I have been using Windows Live Services including Windows Live Mail, Calendar, SkyDrive, Space (for blogging), and relevant its desktop applications like Live Writer, Live Gallery, and Live Sync etc. Besides, I am also using Office Live and ThumbTack. I find these make my life and study simpler.

    I believe that Cloud Computing would be next move for the computer world. A engineering student could have many computers to access, it would be desirable to have his or her documents storable, editable and accessible at a single place in the Web in binding with sync technology for syncronizing the files from that single place to a local computer. That's why I have been pursuing for the cloud computing services like Windows Live.

    I think Mircosoft's Windows Live has all the functionalities as Google does accordingly. I believe Microsoft can at least do as good as Google does, and moreover Microsoft has the huge potential capability of doing a better job. Because I appreciate the .NET framework idea and how Microsoft organizes and plants her software foundation system. In the software engineering, the prosperity can only be built on top of a solid accumulatively technology foundation. Microsoft has been doing that way properly.

    I like LiveSync, it works appropriately. I rely on OneNote too, but haven't found a OneNote file can be created or syncronized somewhere in Windows Live Web services. I have also tried the Live Mesh, which I think has a renovative idea, but still under its prototype. Having kind of duplicated applications or web services is not a bad thing, at least people can always choose a better one which compromise lessly with his or her imaginary product or service. Also it reflects Microsoft's strength.

    Now I rely on Microsoft's products, services and technology more and more in my life, research and study. I hope Microsoft's cloud computing technology such as Windows Live would not let me down.