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  • Pretty Up your Code Comments with Better Comments

    @Jill Donasito: I'm not quite sure whether the wording of your question/feature request/complaint is the best way to motivate the author to add PowerShell support in the future. Just a thought.

  • Roland Weigelt's GhostDoc

    Umm... to avoid any disappointments: the current version of the video is virtually unusable. When shooting the video, I took care that the text inside Visual Studio is readable (and the resulting WMV file wasn't too big, 10MB), but the video posted here is not the original video.

    I've already contacted Mike (Swanson), let's hope a new version of the video will be posted.

    Ok, apparently a new, recoded version has been posted. Thanks guys!
    The picture is still slightly distorted, but hey - it makes me look thinner, so I shouldn't complain. The important thing is that the text inside the Visual Studio editor is now readable.