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Raghu Raghavendra_​Mudugal
  • Microsoft ​Certificati​on, advice.

    Hello All,

    I have never taken any certification before and was planning to take one on SQL. I know so many  of you have done this already, so any suggestions/adive you like to pass me on this? (just on SQL related)

    Thank you.(and check this)

  • I am in Chafford Hundred (UK)

    GoddersUK said:

    The British museum is a must.




    The tower of London is also worth a visit.


    Considering I study here I really don't seem to have that much inspiration when it comes to recomending places to visit Tongue Out


    Yesterday, I have been to National History museum and science museum.. science mues is too huge.. was able to see the half, next week I am planning to see to a 3D movie in there, like playing 5 of them.



  • I am in Chafford Hundred (UK)

    spivonious said:

    Hyde Park is always fun to walk around. I had a great time in London when I was there a couple of years ago.

    now i understood what you mean... thanks mate. Smiley

  • I am in Chafford Hundred (UK)

    harumscarum said:

    can always hop on the big red bus and jump off when you find something you like.

    good tip


    yea me better stay on the bus and push you instead. Smiley

  • I am in Chafford Hundred (UK)

    Dr Herbie said:

    I don't get to London much, but last time I was there (7 or 8 years ago) if liked St Paul's Cathedral -- getting up onto the roof is quite an experience.  Once you're done there you can stroll down over the Millennium footbridge to the Tate and look at some art.


    Natural History museum is good, but not in the center of London so you might have to get a bus\taxi\tube there (I can't remember, but I think I went by tube last time).




    EDIT : Getting serious deja-vu here, have we had this conversation before?


    cool tips... thank you Doctor.


    St Paul's Cathedral is the one which is to the near trafalgur square? or some very around area? (seems like been there, but can't recall, my memory sucks, sorry)


    EDIT: yea 1.5 years ago.. last time i cound not make it up is in seeing.. this time i have some like 2 weekends so need to make most of it. (thats good... you have a nice memory, well can I inherit some?)

  • I am in Chafford Hundred (UK)

    The weather is great....


    Any niners around? to meet. It will be cool.


    (any tips to look around?

    now seen, londen eye, tower bridge, a nice concert at the trafalger square... walked around the oxford circus, fenchurch street... yea end of the list)

  • Applications you have installed but want to remove?

    luckily,... i have only those application which i don't want to remove.

  • If you weren't a developer, what would you be doing instead?





  • Virtual globe

    Recently (dont know.. why) I am spending time on maps, locations...  where is what... and stuff




    Norkant's VG is good, runs in java app,  nice (cause its acceptable in our low bandwidth) and looks neat.  File menu is good... "Open World" and "Save World" Smiley


    I downloaded the WTC from paw print  (very old file,but good), if you add the diff times in to the main list and click on the location it opens a globe pointing to its location and globe can be rotated, kinda cool.


  • Opera 10.5

    GoddersUK said:

    Just updated now... I think they may have finally added some of the things I required before I would consider switching from Firefox. And flipping Nora, that scrolling is awesome.


    Of course I will need to spend some time in it before I can properly form an opinion.

    for me it is showing 10.10...? (and it is latest, no updates available)


    l like the tabs.. pull down and see the thumbs right there.... nice.