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  • PhotoSynth: What. How. Why.

    Thank you! Thank you so much, gentlemen and lady developers.

    I have been waiting for this for a few years, reading all the "computer vision" whitepapers as research continues.

    I am currently in a project which aims to use 3d photogrametry to build a simulation of an art gallery. You just saved me from having to invent the software myself!!

    I'm loving the


    Time travel is going to be the big one. Time Traveler in a geowall based holodeck.. (dual polarized usb projector for xbox360?)

    anyhow, I'm curious if there are more apps from this team on the drawing boards? VideoSynth being an obvious one. Pixel tracking from video proccessing yeilds point cloud results similar to PhotoSynth. Ya know.

    PhotoSynth would make the idea front end for a new media quickening.

    In my gallery simulator project, we are striving to provide the user with a rich newmedia experience inside the 3d model. Videos that can be watched, paintings that have amazing zoom and artist  metadata, an authentic sound environment, etc. 

    PhotoSynth is a step in that direction eh?

    I would LOVE to use it sooner then later. I'll definitly use it for an exhibition in October. Is there a special artist beta I can use today?!? Please release this as soon as possible.

    I liked what someone was saying about not having an ecomomic core, it bases this work more in creativity. But you know, once you can fly around into stores, clicking somthing to buy it will be the hot eComerce way!

    Another idea I can share from the Gallery Simulator project is an idea that opening events would be webcast. You just pixel track the camera person through the environment and path the feed to a moving "perspective window".  This will be a new media technique for live news casts as well. (imagine a Google Earth.. er Microsoft Earth, with gps+video tracking of a live reporter in the feild, when they cover the next hurricane you can zoom out and see where other networks are reporting from or zoom WAY OUT to see the weather data)

    Live Video perspective windows will be unspeakably cool when I'm flying around the football stadium deciding which "camera" to watch. From the cool instant replays they had last season, I think they're allready using this tecnology.

    Get that launched in time for the SUPERBOWL ya'll. Microsoft partners with NFL. Did I earn my beta yet??

    Ray Rolfe
    SoapFactorySimulator dev group
  • PhotoSynth: What. How. Why.

    Is this technology also able to create a 3d version from pictures of a person? I would guess this is more difficult since it's practically impossible for a person to keep the same position between 2 pictures at a different angle.

    Oh that will be cool! I wanna do that right now!
    I'd imagine it's a simple task of just standing there for a second while a friend walks around you and takes 30 pictures or so.

    Heh, I see a medical/portrait art piece, "Dental Checkup" to be realized in the near future...

    Say Niall, that invention is called "Augmented Reality" yeah?

    and Re: Astrophotogrametry. The program, "Celestia" is out there working wonderfully right now. Not based on photolocation but uses photos as texturemaps on coordinate located 3d models of planets, stars and galaxies.