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  • Peter Spiro: The power of having fun, building great databases, and leadership

    Is that a real beard?

  • UAC - What. How. Why.

    JonSchwartz wrote:
    (hit "Post" a tiny bit too soon there)

    It looks like Internet Video Converter has a Vista-compatible version (1.40) coming out next week, based on the announcement at http://www.ivcsoft.ca.cx/.


    Thanks for dropping by.

    I showed this thread to a mate, and although he's not convinced that the UAC won't give him problems, he's reassured that MS are looking into issues that come up.

  • UAC - What. How. Why.

    dot_tom wrote:

    I really don't understand why there's been this backlash about UAC. Something had to be done, and UAC is I think a very pragmatic and yet elegant solution. Sure at first its a little shocking - but the truth is, even as a developer, that once you've reached a steady state and your machine is broadly speaking configured with the various tools and packages you need to create code etc then the number of secure-desktop prompts you encounter falls away dramatically. To the point that I definately **feel** more secure under UAC. I get a real sense of comfort knowing that I'm not being to be led into letting some bit of malware run off with the system.

    The only thing I have done is to enable the capital 'A' (legacy) administrator account so that I can occasionally launch a PowerShell instance in "XP security backwards compatibility mode". And in almost all cases that's because of some batch tool that does have a manifest to prompt for privilage elevation build in. Nope, UAC is a Good Thing - more of the same please.

    The people who complain are what folk who tend to endlessly install and deinstall software, drivers etc. Tinkerers basically. And I can see how the UAC would be a bit of a pain for them. And tinkerers are alos the same sort of people who will hang around in forums, complaining a lot (not that there is anything wrong with complaining if you don't like something). So this is why the UAC problem looks a lot bigger than it actually is.

    Your average Windows user does not spend much time configuring the system after the first few hours setting it up and installing software. The majority of users won't see it very often.

  • A tag-oriented tour of the Windows Vista Photo Gallery

    JonUdell wrote:

    Does EverNote deal with the question of how the info you create and collect locally can relate to stuff you create and collect on the web?

    Could you give me an example?

  • A tag-oriented tour of the Windows Vista Photo Gallery

    Yep, I've been a big fan of tagging apps since I bought Photoshop Elements. If you have a heirarchy of tags and the ability to order objects within the tag, then you have everything a folder can do, and you can have elements that exist in more than one place.

    I've been playing around with EverNote, which also adds the ability to 'autotag' elements based on their content. Always thought that the OneNote team missed a trick here.

  • Vista User Account Control

    BryanF wrote:
    But you know what we can all agree on? Paragraphs.

    Indeed .... Smiley

    At a guess, I'd say he's using the forum on a Mac. I've used to Safari here, and I've noticed that it doesn't render the message editor.

    Since so many Mac and Linux users seem to hang around here, perhaps someone could make it easier for them to vent their spleens in a format that is much easier for everybody to read?

    I'm pretty sure it is fixable.

  • The Advancement of Windows: Ales Holecek - Windows Shell (Windows Explorer, Desktop Search, UAC, Aer

    Possibly the best explanation I've read online. Perhaps MS should take it and just email it to journalists who insist that Vista is just XP with a new skin ....