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Ray6 Ray6
  • LINQ for JavaScript :)

    Train wreck ... waiting to happen.

  • Heath Ledger has Died

    corona_coder wrote:
    He was a drug addict.  I bet he overdosed.  Saying that you are surprised he died from an overdose of sleeping pills is like being surprised that fat Windows programmer died from Taco Bell.

    Ledger's last good performance was " A Knights Tale".  I probably wont see  his last movie "The Dark Knight" as I dont support drug abuse or anyone who dies from it.

    And why should you, when self-abuse suits you so well ....?

  • Bigfoot on Mars?

    I watched this awful TV programme in which Julie Burchill tried to convince the UK population that she was a chav.

    Went to bed, and dreamed that I was on Mars, watching the Rover having its wheels stolen by a kid in a Burberry spacesuit.

    Wensleydale and Cranberry cheese before bedtime ... gets you everytime ... Sad

  • Apache and IIS

    Jeremy W. wrote:

    The problem is that it's sites. Not servers. More IIS boxes are 1-site and 1-app boxes. For instance, GoDaddy parks 10,000 domains on one instance of Apache. In fact most domain companies park incredibly large numbers of domains on one server, which skews the results completely.

    I think Netcraft also gives figures for active domains, a little further down the page. Taking this figure, they reckon that Apache stands at 47% and IIS  stands at 37%

  • I have been converted

    Switched from PalmOS a few months ago and kicked myself for not doing it sooner.

  • Heath Ledger has Died

    evildictaitor wrote:
    Maddus Mattus wrote:
    Rumor has it all sorts of pills were found next to his body,...

    Shame really, I really liked his movies,..

    Sleeping pills. The police haven't concluded suicide, but they haven't ruled it out as yet either.

    Indeed, it may have been an accidental overdose.

    Great shame. He was a fine actor.

  • Anybody running Vista on Leopard Macbook Pro?

    PaoloM wrote:
    Sadly, my Mac is Leopard only


    What do you use it for?

  • Anybody running Vista on Leopard Macbook Pro?

    Mark Brown wrote:
    Hi everybody.

    I'm in the market for a new laptop. I've always heard lots of good things from my designer friends and other fake turtle-neck wearing mac users about the Vista experience on their MacBooks. Many said its fantastic.

    But I'd like to get some more data on this so I'd like to see what your experience has been with that setup and hear the good as well as the bad about how well it has worked for you.


    Wait for PaoloM to get in; he runs Vista pretty much full time on his MBP.

    Friend of mine does too. Very nice machine; he did start off with MacOSX, but now runs Vista because it runs all its stuff. He says games performance isn't brilliant, but survivable (Apple's graphics cards tend to run a generation or so behind the ones avaliable for Windows).

    I'm told the reason that it is so good, is that MS and Apple have worked very hard on the drivers and stuff to make sure that it is a really comfortable user experience. And the lack of crapware (Symantec) and other crud that comes installed on Dell machines, is non existent when you install your own Vista on a Mac; should keep the installation a lot sleeker.

    MS has also relaxed the licensing rules for installing Vista under virtualisation, so it should be much cheaper to get it up and running on your Mac (this was an excellent move on MS's part by the way).

    Anyway, the friend of mine says he's looking at the Dell M1530, but the next-gen MBP is definitely in the running, even though he doesn't run MacOSX.

  • goodbye BIOS: first EFI-enabled motherboard soon after Vista SP1

    YearOfTheLinuxDesktop wrote:
    nightski wrote:
    First?  My laptop has one

    then your laptop is not a PC but a Mac

    Then it is still a PC ... just doesn't come with Windows installed.

  • Infoworld launches 'Save XP' website

    evildictaitor wrote:
    Seriously, what the hell!? I didn't know Microsoft were doing that - I've been sitting here with all my potential movie-buying goodness, and Microsoft has been letting all of that potential profit disappear to their competition.

    Well frikken done MS Marketing.

    Here's the irony.

    Years ago, a geek friend and me used to argue about what had caused Microsoft's rise to the top of the industry.

    He reckoned that it was illegal practices. I disagreed; the illegal stuff really came later on and helped to keep them their position; what got them there in the first place, was some clever deals and the incredible ineptitude of the competition:

    IBM did not have a clue how to sell OS/2 to the masses
    Apple blew billions (with IBM's help) trying to build a replacement for the old MacOS, but not before Steve Jobs had squandered his chance of global domination by producing over-priced, poorly specced, proprietary machines.

    The problem was complacency and incompetence, and a few years down the line, the same friend of mine understands EXACTLY what I was trying to say back then, because he's now seeing the same problems with Microsoft.

    Even when Joe Wilcox put up his original article complaining that MS had dropped the ball by not getting download files onto Fox DVDs, no-one in MS marketing picked it up.

    In case there is someone alive in Microsoft marketing, this is what the Fox  DVD media manager looks like:

    If Sean Alexander knew about this, why the hell didn't you?

    .... AAnnnnnnndddddd relax .....