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Ray7 Ray7
  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    , kettch wrote


    That's not even remotely close to what I said.

    You seemed to be saying that of those affected, few will know that the problem is caused by a serious error in judgement on Microsoft's part — so no harm done. 

  • Faulty update time! (And again, W10..)

    , figuerres wrote


    so I have a 3 monitor setup with dual NVidia cards.

    I started my system and saw issues, had to shutdown it was bad.

    turned off two displays and re-started, windows booted, back to a normal display.

    turned on second display and let windows see it. ok.... tuern on third display - same deal.

    ok all better now.

    was that a pain; yes.

    should it be fixed; yes.

    was it the end of the world; no

    was my pc bricked; no

    rightfully a lot of users are angry that it happened .... but even with windows xp/vista/7 etc... driver updates to video cards often need a reboot and some fussing with the display.

    Good. You've found a fix for this particular snafu. What about the next one? What happens when some buggy driver shuts down your machine with no way to bypass its installation?

    This whole 'forced update' thing is poorly conceived. I'm assuming enterprise setups are not subject  to this. 

  • the future of windows

    , vesuvius wrote

    Apple are banking on Apple Pay, Health and Music Streaming 


    Yup, Apple Pay is the killer. 

    I wonder what'll happen when they turn around and announce that you can now use your Apple account to pay for stuff outside the Apple stores?


  • Apple will, for the first time, make an android app

    That's not the only Android app they're building. They're creating one that  will migrate your contacts, bookmarks, calendars and music over to your new iPhone. 


  • Windows to support SSH natively

    , Jim Young wrote

    @Bass:Your title is misleading. SSH is to be integrated into Power Shell. You make it sound like it's  going to be part of the kernel.

    Why would supporting something natively mean it's going into the kernel?

  • Smartphone with a ​tobacco/cig​arette smoke detector?

    One question: once you have detected your neighbour's smoke, what can you do about it?

  • I predict the new Macbook 12" will sell a lot ... if

    , Bass wrote

    I like how small and light they are, seem like a perfect travel laptop (which IMO is the point of a laptop).

    I think the point of a laptop is whatever you intend to use it for. A location film editor wouldn't have much use for this, but for web surfing or writing on the train? Ideal. 

  • I predict the new Macbook 12" will sell a lot ... if

    I  would have liked a second port so you can plug it in from the other side of the case. Aside from that?

    Printer? WiFi

    Network? WiFi

    File transfers? Bluetooth/cloud services/Wifi. 

    External monitor? That will need an adapter (£65 😱)

    I  don't even know where my USB drives are these days. 

    By the time Apple revises this model, Skylake will have landed, so I'm not sure they'll feel the need to add a second port. 

  • Windows 10 (metro?) is butt-ugly



     It's like someone offered Microsoft a glass of Apple kool-aid; MS stole the barrel and drank the whole damn lot. 

    There are two reasons for this:

    1. Battery life, apparently. 
    2. Designers prefer a neutral UI as it makes it easier to work with colours. 

    I like like the idea, but the grey is really too much.  A little bit depressing, I think  


  • Impressions after watching Anders TypeScript talk

    If you asked him he'd probably say, "Just ... just let it go, okay?"

    The companies had a choice. They could roll over, or they could fight. They chose to roll over. And we're not talking the garage outfits here; we're talking the likes of Samsung

    But yes, I wish more places I worked would adopt Typescript.