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Ray7 Ray7
  • Smartphone with a ​tobacco/cig​arette smoke detector?

    One question: once you have detected your neighbour's smoke, what can you do about it?

  • I predict the new Macbook 12" will sell a lot ... if

    , Bass wrote

    I like how small and light they are, seem like a perfect travel laptop (which IMO is the point of a laptop).

    I think the point of a laptop is whatever you intend to use it for. A location film editor wouldn't have much use for this, but for web surfing or writing on the train? Ideal. 

  • I predict the new Macbook 12" will sell a lot ... if

    I  would have liked a second port so you can plug it in from the other side of the case. Aside from that?

    Printer? WiFi

    Network? WiFi

    File transfers? Bluetooth/cloud services/Wifi. 

    External monitor? That will need an adapter (£65 😱)

    I  don't even know where my USB drives are these days. 

    By the time Apple revises this model, Skylake will have landed, so I'm not sure they'll feel the need to add a second port. 

  • Windows 10 (metro?) is butt-ugly



     It's like someone offered Microsoft a glass of Apple kool-aid; MS stole the barrel and drank the whole damn lot. 

    There are two reasons for this:

    1. Battery life, apparently. 
    2. Designers prefer a neutral UI as it makes it easier to work with colours. 

    I like like the idea, but the grey is really too much.  A little bit depressing, I think  


  • Impressions after watching Anders TypeScript talk

    If you asked him he'd probably say, "Just ... just let it go, okay?"

    The companies had a choice. They could roll over, or they could fight. They chose to roll over. And we're not talking the garage outfits here; we're talking the likes of Samsung

    But yes, I wish more places I worked would adopt Typescript.

  • 101 ways to save Apple


    Then I read it and realised that Apple had followed at least thirty of the suggestions.



  • Android Apps to run on Windows Phone


    This is what IBM should have done with OS/2 ...


  • Android Apps to run on Windows Phone

    , Bas wrote

    I don't get Paul Thurrot's doom and gloom. He says Android apps on Windows would be a defeat and make Windows irrelevant, and the reason he gives for this reasoning is... they'll look ugly? Seriously?

    He's right, which is why I think this isn't going to happen.

    Remember OS/2? IBM thought it would boost its popularity if it could run native windows applications. What actually happened was that the few developers that supported it dropped their native OS/2 apps and switched to Windows development.

    "Well, folk can just run the Windows version, can't they?"

    I really can't see Microsoft turning their mobile platform into an advert for Android development.

    Thurrott's has landed some of the biggest scoops in the IT press, but I think he's got this one wrong.

  • the next 5 years is crucial to MS.

    , ScanIAm wrote

    Yeah, I'm not entirely convinced that there isn't something fishy going on with Apple's numbers.  I'll fully admit that I have nothing concrete to back it up,


    Then you should really stop there :D


  • Tablets are dying

    Not so much dying as settling I think.

    The iPad had explosive early sales because it was the first time anyone had got the tablet right. They had fairly decent upgrades, but at the end of the day, most people use them to surf the net, read books and watch videos. There's simply no reason for people to upgrade them as often as they do a phone. I think the revenues will fall further and then level off as folk settle into a regular upgrade cycle – probably a new iPad every five years or so.

    If Apple wants to get the sales moving again then they'll need to start pushing it into other markets, but as long as it's Apple products squeezing iPad sales then they're probably not going to worry.