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Ray7 Ray7
  • are degrees worth anything ?

    , figuerres wrote

    today we spoke with a local grad who said they had a Ba an Comp Sci

    they did not seem to know how to define:




    and other basic OO terms.

    they claimed to be fluent in Java and good at other OO languages.

    Shakes Head ....



    odd that he had an arts degree in a technical subject. 

  • Surface Phone announcement at IFA

    , swheaties wrote

    >>If you're strategy for success is waiting for someone else to fail, then I'd say you're in quite a >>bit of trouble.

    They don't need to wait for Apple to fail - they may  want to let the market come back to reality on its own instead of fighting the tide at its peak.  In other words why spend marketing dollars to dislodge a loyal Apple customer when in X months that customer is going to get bored and come looking for you - and your only cost is the  cost of waiting (while you are also finalizing your product).  Not an enviable position to be in by any means... but that is the reality.

    The problem here is that you're waiting for two sets of customers to get bored and come to you, when what they'll probably do is swap between two platforms as they both leapfrog each other with new phones released every six months or so.

    You could waiting for quite some time.


  • Surface Phone announcement at IFA

    , figuerres wrote


    what ??

    no one here wanted this, Heck I used to have a windows phone for a long time. No Microsoft took a big dump on the users and the developers and that did irritate some folks here and I think rightly so.

    No one anywhere wanted this. Two platforms is not enough to foster real innovation.

  • Surface Phone announcement at IFA

    , swheaties wrote

    >> re-starting the OS and brand and developer tools every year or two is just not a good idea....

    Agree.  This is not a business MS is going to run on the side.  I've been thinking that MS is just waiting to get the platform solidified.  Or perhaps waiting for the cool factor to fade from Apple...... both of which are happening right about now.  At some point they need to commit or shut the whole thing down.  The half fast approach is only going to continue to hurt them.

    If you're strategy for success is waiting for someone else to fail, then I'd say you're in quite a bit of trouble.

  • Can we trust Microsoft to respect Windows privacy settings?

    Blimey :|

  • Android phone

    , bondsbw wrote

    @kettch:  Another fun question, ask him where he can plug in his second display into his "pro" device.  (If you happen to have an old Surface RT, this would be the time to dust it off and prepare to amaze.)


    He'll probably say, "I'll get a HDMI or VGA or DisplayPort adapter and plug it into the Lightning port."

  • WFT

    , SteveRichter wrote


    true. These are topics that cry out for open and honest discussion. Do the migrants prefer the south of England to the north of Scotland?  I am thinking that would explain why the Scots do not mind the open borders rules of the EU.

    And look what is happening in Africa. Think of all the migrants.


    Nope, it's simply because the Scots are not as gullible.

    Common sense told them that only an elected government would be able to deliver on the kind of bull that the 'Leave' campaign was spouting, and that an elected government most probably wouldn't.

    The 'Remain' campaign is run by a lot of privileged people in power.

    The 'Leave' campaign is run by a lot of privileged people with no power. What happened here is that the folk who weren't in power hit on the clever idea of grabbing some by appealing to the country's fear and resentment of foreigners, which up until now it had hidden pretty well.

    And oddly enough, a few days later, the Leave Campaign admits that £350million a week to the NHS is not going to happen, and that there will be no reduction in the number of immigrants coming into the UK.

    And migrants prefer the South of England because there are more job opportunities and it's warmer.

  • Nasty Microsoft

    , bondsbw wrote


    That can be said for literally every UI element in any operating system.

    No, what makes it look like malware is that there's no clear way to cancel it. The Ok button: does that cancel it or install the upgrade?

  • Nasty Microsoft

    , elmer wrote




    I know that Steve Jobs famously proclaimed that users don't know what they want until you give it to them, but that level of arrogance only works with Apple.

    Yup, but what Steve Jobs didn't say was trick them into installing it.

    This isn't an upgrade or a security fix; this is a new operating system. If Apple tried to trick people into installing a new version of the operating system, the user base would lynch them and rightly so.

    Look what happened when Apple tried to give away a free U2 album. It wasn't an operating system, it didn't affect anyone's work flow, it simply offended the ears. The user base (or a vocal minority at least) went ballistic.


  • Apple going ​full-​gimmicker?

    Yes, I'm not entirely sure this will pan out. The problem with Apple is that the analysts love to talk about them because folk love to read about them. Apple's ability to keep prototypes out of the public eye has improved over the past few quarters, which has led to a lot of 'journalists' throwing crap at the wall in the hope that some of it sticks. The OLED bar is the latest from an analyst who changes his mind more than I change my socks. 

    An OLED bar would be a power drain with limited usefulness as far as I can see, unless it was one of Apple's experiments in training its user base.

    Over the past few years, Cupertino has been reducing the travel on its keyboards, which many users don't seem to like. I don't think the problem is the travel, I think it's the size of the keyboard: it's too big.

    Yes, that's right; it's massive. 

    Not the frame itself, which is tiny, but the actual keyboard. If you lay the keyboard on top of the one of the old Microsoft keyboards so that the keys line up, you'll see that the Apple keyboard is actually bigger: the keys are bigger and the spacing between the keys is wider/longer. I think this is what gives people a lot of trouble when they first start using them. 

    Where was I? Apple would like to minimise the moving parts that go into its devices and they think they can make the keyboard better by turning it into a flat haptic screen. They started the experiment with the touch pad, which works very well. They've shaped the haptics just right so they can make you think that you're pressing down on something that clicks, when in fact the surface is not moving at all. If they can do the same the same with a screen then they might have something quite useful (if the typists go for it). For a start, they would not have to build regional keyboards; a single model can be programmed from OSX to show the right keys depending on the region settings. They could program part of the keyboard (probably the bit next to the mouse) to show a numeric keypad for those people that need them.

    If the OLED bar appears then it'll be Apple training the user base… again.