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  • A Look Behind the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

    Bring back the MS thumb trackball mouse morons.  That wireless keyboard would be great except the last MS wireless keyboard would never work good and I had to chuck it.  Even if it works 98% of the time, it's very frustrating when you press a key and nothing happens.

  • What's New in XAML

    , neaflo wrote

    The problems of LOBs in Win8 go beyond XAML and sharing screens - the deployment model, everything going through the store so MS will take 30% is not acceptable. Will I see some changes in the deployment choices?

    I don't expect anything good for Silverlight, but that won't stop me writing new SL. I believe Ballmer is not that lost in the woods - is just cynical - he knows very well that enterprises are not moving to Win8, therefore Win8 is exclusively for home consumers. The MS marketing machine just doesn't say it explicitly for obvious reasons, but I don't believe Win8 was ever intended to bring touch to enterprises. I see all Win8 editions (and in general the touch support) as just a teaser for enterprises, so that the dark empire will learn what enterprises need from an OS with touch.

    Given the very slow pace at which companies are moving between windows versions, their thinking is that enterprises can stay as they are, eventually migrating to Win7 en-mass, running existing non-win8 applications and no problem. Even with a very good OS directed at them they won't migrate - so better get win8 out quickly, see how it goes and from 2014 we start talking about win9Next- enterprises will then move straight to winNext sometime in 2015, skipping win8. They wouldn't lose anything ...

    But what MS should realize is that LOBs that are now done in HTML/JS are less likely to bring windows business in the future. Only sadists in MS dreams are going the route of WinJS in Win8. Had these apps been done in Silverlight, the windows ecosystem in winNext would have benefited much more. What would have ensured an even bigger slice of Win8 in enterprise is SL changed to run in Win8 - I suspect a Win8 theme or a special sandbox for running SL in Win8 shouldn't be such a big problem for a company with tens of thousands of programmers! 

    Time will tell where these win8 apps today will be in 2-3 years ... when I'm pretty sure I'd need to port them again to the next OS model. So I better keep writing SL and port only SL to winNext, rather than SL => win8 => winNext.


    They do have local deployment of Win8 apps that don't have to go through the windows store.  Good luck trying to get the IT guy to set that up though.

    For me the only reason for silverlight over WPF is the mutli-platform support.  Update size for LOB apps isn't a big deal for me.

    And I love the Nextflix in "HTML5" on IE 11, it's just another plug-in built into IE and everyone is cheering because it's not silvelight.

  • What's New in XAML

    Yeah, that's the problem, companies are never going to switch everyone to Windows 8.

  • What's New in XAML

    , EsteVato wrote

    Now that the monkey who was running the asylum is gone they should show us enterprise developers some love and commit to releasing at least two more versions of Silverlight.  I can't believe Microsoft expects me to write LOB apps in Javascript/Html.....what a bunch of muppets!


    You don't write your LOB apps as a Windows 8 app?  Imagine telling the IT guy that everyone has to upgrade to windows 8.  Most important, no one works 1 screen at a time.

    I really doubt they'll do anything with Silverlight.  I wish they would, I've moved everything to WPF and the web.  They'll come out with something new just like silverlight in a few years that's cross platform.

  • What's New in XAML

    Show me something good.  Please mention WPF

  • Day 1 Keynote

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  • Day 1 Keynote

    I take that back, it crashed on BBoy360 again.

  • Day 1 Keynote

    Streaming work now.  MS needs to spend more time on Silverlight

  • Ping 168: Gamerloop, Bing & the State of the Union, Xbox Xpanding, Tablet size

    You forgot to list the Bboy360 mention at 7:18 on the timeline

  • ASP.NET MVC: A New Framework for Building Web Applications

    I can't imagine why anyone would want to use MVC .NET.

    Complicated MVC never works well in the real world.  It's the reason I moved from Java to .NET a few years ago.
    Projects are never done on time, it's hard to maintain, large learning curve for a new developer coming in and no one ever wants to work on the code besides the person who originally wrote it.

    I'll probably go to this just to hear the reasons why and laugh.