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Red5 Red5 Systems Manager Curmudgen
  • Entity Framework 4.0 ​dissapointm​ent

    If LINQ to SQL isn't broken, why try and fix your app to use EF 4.0?

    I know it's no longer a namespace that will be updated, but it should continue to work for your apps for a very long time.


    We did a new app last year using EF, and there is a learning curve and nuances to overcome.

    Looking back, I'm 50/50 on my decision to use EF. There are some advantages, but I'm not sure it's worth it at this time.

  • Microsoft to patch MS Paint?

    intelman said:

    Microsoft needs to rethink all of their built in applications. Notepad, Paint, Wordpad ...


    Snipping tool was a great addition. It needs some help still, but it is great overall.

    I would guess Microsoft always intended these to be little helper apps, not full-blown applications to compete with PaintShopPro, Adobe, etc.

    But I agree that subsequent releases of these types of apps should include most of the old functionality if possible.

  • The Radio

    Dr Herbie said:
    jamie said:

    Time for more ...


    A bit of electronica:


    The Geeks were Right!:



    Time to Pretend (CAUTION, explicit lyrics):





    The geeks were right: Me Likey!  Very 80's ish.

  • Doom on Zune!

    ManipUni said:

    The five people who own a Zune will be very happy to hear that.

    I guess that's me, since I own five of them (me, wife, kids)


    I won't hack mine to play Doom, but still pretty cool someone did this.

    I'll wait until Quake is available Smiley


  • MSDN is open but....

    CKurt said:
    Zeus said:

    It's up ! Download now Wink

    It's available here too.

    Connection issues though...too many users probably.

    If all of you could wait until I get mine, that would be great Smiley


  • Nicely done, Channel 9 (posted by Dr Herbie).

    Sven Groot said:
    W3bbo said:

    But how long does mathematica take if the upperbound on k is not infinite, but another arbitrary high number?


    WolframAlpha won't give you an answer if you do that.

    I was sure it was 42. Dang.

  • Zune HD 64?

    RLO said:
    magicalclick said:

    Magical, I can appreciate what you are trying to say, but the statements as I mentioned before were very coy.  There is no "Zune Phone", but if it looks like a duck, it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.  It must be a duck, or in this case a Zune Phone.  Now, they were very precise in how they termed everything to let the public think that WP7S was going to look like the shots leaked in 2008 instead of looking like a Zune device.  It was brillant strategy, because we were all surprised with the reveal.  Although it helped keep the changes secret and surprisingly fresh, it was still misleading and with real consequences to those that bought the ZuneHD.  In the end, they let the consumers think one thing and never adjusted that perception until the end.

    Do I like what they have done? Yes.  Do I like how they treated me as a customer? No. Will I get over it?  Maybe.


    Wkempf, if they developed the requirement for three buttons after the fact, I hope someone was complaining to high-heaven about shafting current WinMo customers and stiring up a reaction from the Zune community.  I don't see what's is so special about having three buttons except as an excuse not to backport to older devices. 


    Red5, I don't believe the platform will die, I just believe it will be taking a new turn.  I have voiced this in other places, but Zune could become PlaysforSure part II in which they let Zune DRM be added to third party players not manufactured by Microsoft.  It wouldn't be too hard to turn over the device manufacturing to the same companies doing the phones and thus relieve MS the burden of manufacturing and focusing on the software+services side of things.


    With Zune added as part of the Xbox blade, I can feel certain they are in the content distribution business for the long run.

    my "Dang.." was more for me having to carry two devices instead of one Sad


    Looks like it's official:  http://zuneinsider.com/archive/2010/03/31/zune-hd-64gb-coming-april-12.aspx


  • Zune HD 64?

    Dang. I have two zune hd 32's, because I have so much content I like to have available wherever I go.

    Oh well....

    I hope they keep the zune platform alive. I think it's a great product. I wish Microsoft would get their act together on the marketing plan for zune.  Their product placement and availability is not very good.

  • The Radio

    jamie said:
    dentaku said:






     =  TORONTO !


    oops - forgot klaatu:







    time to show my age....



  • The Radio

    jamie said:
    Red5 said:

    hey red    - longtime 9er


    cool vid



    I'm officially just a "Lurker" now.

    Nice to see you're still posting the good stuff. Fun thread to follow.