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Red5 Red5 Systems Manager Curmudgen
  • The Radio

    In tribute to St. Patricks day, an Irish tune popularized by Pink Floyd


  • Abandoned

    ZippyV said:
    figuerres said:

    I think I found the right word for Channel9: overengineered.

    I think you're on to something

  • Oh my GOD!! KILL ME!! Damn me Awesome!! Analyst: Zune Phone coming in next two months

    The new Zune HD rocks. I use that neat little toy every day. (I have a Zune Original)  I hope the rumors of a Zune Phone are true. I may have to drop my pay-as-you-go phone for a new a new Zune Phone.

    If true, I really hope MS gets their act together on the marketing of such a device.

    The marketing and retail placement of Zune in general  S U C K S.

    I think one reason iPod is so popular, is the sheer availability of all the cool accessories that seem to be available everywhere.

    MS needs to partner with accessory manufacturers to increase their marketshare in the media player arena.

  • What don't you like about Windows 7?

    So far, I'm pleased and impressed with this version over Vista. Vista set the bar sort of low so to reach beyond that probably wasn't to much to ask.

    I have win7 on my acer netbook for 3 days now. So far so good. I think my use of the OS features though is a lot less than some of the descriptions I see here.

    Compared to XP though? time will tell. My netbook had XP Home on it from the factory and so far Win7 seems a little slower, which I expected, but it's not enough to for me to be too vociferous yet. The 60 second lag someone mentioned previously is about the biggest complaint I have so far.

    Once i get it on my dual monitor desktop, I may have more to say...

  • Perhaps SQL isn't interesting? But it sure is !

    Writing highly efficient T-SQL code in scalable environment, and understanding what goes into type of code, has been one of the bigger challenges that I've enjoyed taking on in my humble developement career.
    In many interviews that I've held to hire these type of people, you'd be surprised how few candidates really know their stuff in this regard.

  • Perhaps SQL isn't interesting? But it sure is !

    figuerres said:
    Dr Herbie said:

    I guess I am type 3 or is that 4 ??

    I did start with coding apps, learned about data and sql.

    spent a lot of time doing DBA things and Dev things....

    to me it's a ballance - a Yin / Yang thing.

    I love the things I can do in C# and I love the things i can do in T-SQL each has a place in my work.


  • New design? Awesome!

    Sabot said:
    jason818_253.33 said:

    Ooo Spangles!

    Mika ... inspired choice lil'guru!

    Now all we need is a glitter-ball ...

    I think I just entered the twilight zone.

  • I went back to Internet Explorer from Firefox

    phreaks said:
    jason818_253.33 said:
    IE is terrible from my perspective. I have finally come to the conclusion that it simply wastes too much of my time and causes way too much frustration.

    It crashes on my XP box all the time, and starting last week, I am no longer able to use my banks online banking with IE (on Vista).

    When I log into my home banking with IE (Vista), IE spawns a new empty window. Ridiculous.

    prheaks, that happened to me for awhile too, then I changed a setting or downloaded some pushed patch, and now it doesn't happen anymore--the empty window thing that is.
    That was over a year ago...you just reminded me of it.

  • Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2003?

    blowdart said:
    MHKushner said:
    Not a ribbon. Please god NOT A RIBBON

    Actually what gets me is the positioning of new toolbars when  you switch, for example from a .CS to a .ASPX or a .XML - toolbars that were on screen, usually on the second line get shifted around, and worse when you switch back a gap gets left. Can a better way be found?
    I agree with blowdart; ribbons == bad

  • Post Your Desktop March '09

    GoddersUK said:
    Red5 said:
    cool background...

    got the original image?
    I found it in one of the galleries located here:

    Some nice choices in there actually.