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  • Ping 173: IllumiShare, Worldwide Telescope, Play to Earn on Xbox, Developer Challenge to Down Under

    Sorry for my lack of comments lately. Just so much going on these days!

    I'm not sure I think the $100 per app is the right approach. The quality of the apps submitted will be interesting. Not sure we'll see good results but on the flip side thought it's something and may draw in some good ones. Let's see what happens. Will we see any data on this? Apps submitted that received the $100 and # of downloads per? If there are some apps that get good traction it may be worth reaching out to the developer with further opportunity.

  • Ping 169: Hotel of the Future, Outlook scores, Imagine Cup for the girls, Crime fighting tech

    Who's ready for episode 170?

    <-- This guy!

  • Ping 169: Hotel of the Future, Outlook scores, Imagine Cup for the girls, Crime fighting tech

    I've been using since the preview was available, as a heavy Outlook (thick client) user at work for some time now I dig where they are heading with service. It has an app feel to it even though it is web based. I created a Gmail account a few days ago just to see what it was like in comparison, in my opinion Gmail is confusing and old school, it feels like you are logging on to a web site to check mail. The calendar needs to get pulled over so it feels like part of, I know that's just a matter of time.

  • Ping 169: Hotel of the Future, Outlook scores, Imagine Cup for the girls, Crime fighting tech

    You have to check out Kinect Party, awesome game (more like 1-2 minute short takes) - my kids love it. It dumps you right into the game and it doesn't care if the kids walk away or others jump in on it too. Good for mindless adult fun as well!

  • Ping 168: Gamerloop, Bing & the State of the Union, Xbox Xpanding, Tablet size

    @IRB: Great recommendation to bring in some guest speakers! Nice touch to the last show.

  • Ping 168: Gamerloop, Bing & the State of the Union, Xbox Xpanding, Tablet size

    @optimiz3:Hey Alex - It was good to hear about GamerLoop, pretty neat idea! I could not help but to think about how the concept of GamerLoop could be used in the healthcare industry to connect people with similar health situations. Good stuff man! - Cheers.

  • Ping 167: 4Afrika, Surface- Ask Me Anything, Microsoft on Privacy, Redbox on Xbox

    The show is good. The time allocated works well. Good coverage of 3-4 topics in a relatively short period of time.   

    Thoughts for improvement / change? In the past, I was using the Zune client to auto download a number of podcast weekly(ish) with Channel9 as one of them. Then I'd fire up the XBOX in combination with WMC and spend a few hours watching the podcasts on the big screen. Now that XBOX has significant app support how about a Channel9 app for not just PING but all Channel9 content? I like watching this stuff on the big screen. What about making it a little more interactive? Can you guys get your hands one a few touchscreens? (PixelSense?) Start showcasing some of the Microsoft products! Also, posting to Twitter or Facebook once may only catch limited folks at that time. Repost it a few times through out the week. Does the time you post impact views? What happened with Episode 164 (50k hits)  vs. (~27k hits) on the last few.  

    I like to hear news about the 4Afrika initiative and similar. It's been my observation that Microsoft has these types of news stories more so than the competitors. It shows that Microsoft is not just about selling mass volumes of products to make a profit but rather getting product in the hands of those that can help foster development. Good stuff. I think my next Redmond Post article will touch on 4Afrika! 

    Was I the only one that noticed Paul wearing the Mythly colors? was that intentional? The start of product placement?

  • Ping 166: Facebook Graph Search, WP8 Nominated, Nokia Drive, Microsoft loves the 90's

    Loving the shows lately guys and truly appreciate the use of the comments on the show! Feeling more and more like part of the show! 

    Paul - Here's some feedback on the Mythly site. Digging the color scheme and layout of the site. Although it took me a few minutes to get the hang of how the three areas worked, once I got through that it made sense. Something about how the close panel button works was throwing me off, it wasn't obvious what it did. Maybe it should be positioned on the panel that closes? It's tough though, the close button would have to be visible when closed. The font spacing in various places (i.e. About --> What We Do) I tried from 3 devices with the same results. Also consider the font size when expanding the left hand navigation. (i.e. When expanding "Work" the font size of the links below. Consider cutting the size 1/2 of what it's at now. 

    How come you went with Google maps and not Bing maps in the contact section?

  • Ping 165: HelpBridge, Microsoft PLAY, 9 year old wiz kid, Windows Phone silenced

    Man – am I the only one that is not a developer here? A little bit to get by in school but generally no background what so ever coding. I work with SharePoint (7 years now) but stick with OOB functionality. When it starts looking like custom code is required my eyes glaze over.  I'd certainly support my kids if / when they showed interest. I had gotten into touchdevelop a few weeks back on the RT and entertained the kids with it for a bit.

    HelpBridge looks like a nice app, it has me thinking a bit more about emergency contact management.  The support for multiple platforms and Azure backend is a nice touch (unfortunately not everyone has a Windows Phone). I installed and will mess with it a bit – good stuff.

    So the movie theater is one use case. I'm with Laura on this one, I'll turn my phone off, always do. I don't mind putting it in silent mode. I'm wondering though, another use case might be around combating texting and driving.

  • Ping 164: IllumiRoom, Skype, Ballmer & Basketball, Surface Pro

    I find myself looking forward to these videos more and more lately. Bring on episode 165!

    Surface Pro or RT? Hmm well, since I went out right away and got my hands on the RT I guess I'd have to say the next one I'd buy would be the Pro. I'd probably try to get my hands on one through work though. The idea of the stylus (or pen thingy!) will fit in well with some OneNote use we have at our place, someone has to test the new hardware out! Of course being able to use traditional desktop apps would be cool too.

    The keyboard works fine for me on the RT, I struggle with touch pad at times (in particular right-clicking) but nothing to complain too much about. I do have an issue with the network connection on my RT but I think that is more my router than the Surface RT.  I have to find time to troubleshoot it.

    The Illumiroom looks awesome, I can't wait for it so hopefully it does not die off. The video game side of it is cool for sure, so many opportunities. Also, think about the educational possibilities with Illumiroom. The quick few seconds of space towards the end of the video MSR posted, that could totally be used during homework time with the kids. Give me a prehistoric landscape with some dinosaurs running around or an underwater setting, Titanic exploration as example. Oh boy, overload, overload!

    Good stuff guys! Later.

  • Ping 163: Xbox Countdown, Programming language popularity, 3D ​presentatio​ns, Eye controlled computer

    @n0x30n: Good point. I hadn't thought about it from the developers point of view!

  • Ping 163: Xbox Countdown, Programming language popularity, 3D ​presentatio​ns, Eye controlled computer

    Where to start!

    I agree with JockStrap (nice ID!) XBOX 360 has been going strong for a long time, a Blu-Ray player would be nice though. One of the things that caught my attention with the XBOX early on was the fact that the OS is faithfully updated each year, I look forward to the Beta release every fall. When I first start messing with the XBOX it was more for the entertainment side of things (although Halo keeps me going!). Early on though, the ecosystem and content was not there like I would have liked. So the past couple of years watching the ecosystem improvements come into play and the content improvements has been exciting. The platforms are coming together nice. I hope the current iteration of the XBOX lives on after what comes next. You'll be sure I'm all over what's next!

    What kept me busy over the break? I've been slowly redoing my Man Cave. I finally put some LED recessed lighting in over the break. What really caught my attention with the new lighting though is how much better Kinect was. The family spent time on Kinect Party over the break (awesome game Double Fine). Prior to the lighting and it was cool but after the lighting it was a much better experience, same with a few other games as well. I didn't think that much about the Kinect experience and how lighting had an impact on it but it sure did.

    @lfoy has to start handing out MS Points each time she says her Twitter handle on the show but never tweets. (510 tweets at the time of this writing!)

    Now off to catch up on CES 2013!


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