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  • Defrag: How to make a Win7 thumbdrive, Running old games on Win7, Imaging old laptop for XP Mode.

    why is bing not the default home page on gov's laptop?

    I like a blank homepage to be honest... I use bing exclusively, not because I am at MS (I used competitor products even while at MS) but because it really is the better search engine for my uses. It gets me the most relevant results consistently.

  • Defrag: 3TB limit, Forced Shutdowns, Optimizing Win7 for Netbooks

    ,Magic​Andre1981 wrote

    it looks like the Power Saving feature IES was the cause:


    after removing it and using the balanced powerplan, the freezes and bug checks are gone.


    Ok, that I haven't seen before... what MB are you using specifically, and what is the overall config? I would like to see if we can repro this.

  • Checking In: Gov Maharaj - Shimming the World, Dreaming in Assembly

    ,RT1138 wrote

    I think with all that gear Gov has, he'd be a great subject for a "Show us your tech" video!!

    You should see some of my setup at home... I custom built most of my solutions (home entertainment mostly) and because of my very young neice and nephews, I have had to keep it simple enough for them to use, and techy enough to do all the things I want to be able to do. Not an easy task. And I really try to keep it low power usage. Latest thing I got was the 6CC HDHomeRun Prime, which I love.

    Also, all of my work related equipment you saw in my office.. the monitors, and my main dev machine... All mine. I built the dev box myself (3TB raid system, 16GB ram, 8 way) and the monitors (4X22") all mine.

  • Defrag: 3TB limit, Forced Shutdowns, Optimizing Win7 for Netbooks

    ,Magic​Andre1981 wrote

    yes, but afair the power plan is set to use full power by default.


    btw, the hotfix which caused to display the bootmgr in English was updated and now the language is ok. But I removed the fix, because I don't need it on my PC.


    I currently have some sporadic bug checks and I see this in WinDbg:



    PROCESS_NAME:  System   



















    CHKIMG_EXTENSION: !chkimg -lo 50 -db !ndis  3393 errors : !ndis (fffff88001649048-fffff88001717fe0)   

    FOLLOWUP_NAME:  memory_corruption   


    so the ndis.sys is corrupted in RAM and differs from the file on the symbol server, but I used the Windows Memory tester and memtest86+ and both didn't detect any errors. chkdsk and sfc also didn't detect anything.

    Currently I have no idea other than removing Network monitor 3.4 driver from the network adapter and watch if it happens again the next days.


    Regarding the bugchecks, I will have to check is nm3 modifies ndis, but you should also check any AV/antimalware software that may be installed.

  • Defrag: 3TB limit, Forced Shutdowns, Optimizing Win7 for Netbooks

    ,Magic​Andre1981 wrote

    For the malware and the sound issues I would run ProcMon from Sysinternals to see what is going on there. Mark shows in his blog how to get the cause of a playing sound:


    And Windows 7 uses less power because it runs by default (like Vista) in the power plan "balanced" instead of full power/high performance like XP did. So if the PC is idle the power saving features are active and can reduce the CPU speed and park CPUs (Core parking) to reduce the power consuming compared to XP.


    enjoy your vacation and come back and feel rested Smiley

    XP also had power saving features based primarily on APM, but were not nearly so advanced as that based on ACPI, and of course added hardware benefits in the CPU, ram, etc that Win7 really takes advantage of.

  • Defrag: SSD Questions, Tagging Files, Mirroring Drives, Hardware Hacks

    I like seeing that Gov is a fellow Diet Dr. Pepper drinker!

    It is probably the best diet drink that doesn't taste diet. I also like coke zero. But I am trying to drink less pop in general, sugared or not.

  • Defrag: SSD Questions, Tagging Files, Mirroring Drives, Hardware Hacks

    Agree that an SSD does not need to be defragmented. However, write performance WILL improve if the free space has been consolidated. A tool like PerfectDisk (www.raxco.com) optimizes/consolidates free space of SSDs.

    True, but it isn't as dramatic as with spinning media, as there is really no seek time or wait time to position a read head to, you know?

  • Defrag: SSD Questions, Tagging Files, Mirroring Drives, Hardware Hacks


    LOL... I am hoping people go out there and start hacking their lives to make it better. This is a great tool in the arsenal. The only gripe I have with it is the shelf life of the new package. Only 6 months. It would be nearly perfect if you could just throw this in with camping/survival gear and be done with it.

    I have used it for a few repairs around the house, and personaling some equipement. Another cool thing to do with it is to "mark" cables or ports so you can find it in the dark, or if you have to reach behind something blind. Like a braille-type marking.

  • Defrag: Media Player Fixits, Blank .CHM's, Bitlocker Corruption

    ,martinmine wrote

    Why do you allways click "Apply" then "ok" Y U NO JUTS CLICK OK? =D

    Just habit. There were changes historically that would only commit with "apply" and ok wouldn't commit them. So it is just me being paranoid.

  • Defrag: Media Player Fixits, Blank .CHM's, Bitlocker Corruption


    Wow, ok, I have not seen this before. I am assuming you are using the latest MSE, right, and no other AV at the same time? Does the service quiet down after some time or is it always pegging the CPU?

    , Magic​Andre1981 wrote

    yes, MSE = Microsoft Security Essentials. Sorry for the confusions Angel . I expected such an answer.

    The PC is fast if I use NOD32, but if I remove NOD32 and install Microsoft Security Essentials instead, the Explorer is extremely slow to browse trough all folders. The service of Microsoft Security Essentials is causing 100% CPU usage. I run Procmon next to see more.


  • Checking In: Gov Maharaj - Shimming the World, Dreaming in Assembly


    I'm from Alberta... born and raised... proud to be Canadian!!! But I also love where I am now.

  • Defrag: Tweaking for HTPC, SSD as a ReadyBoost, WiFi Antenna tuning

    , Magic​Andre1981 wrote

    ReadyBoost is limited to 4GB in Vista, not in 7. Next if you use a SSD, WinSAT will get a score over 5.9 and in this case Superfetch (which loads the ReadyBoost driver in Win7) will be stopped so you can't use ReadyBoost. If you enable Superfetch again your SSD will have much more access and might die earlier. So the advice to use SSD as ReadyBoost is not the best.

    Run TreeSizeFree to see which folders take most space, delete or move useless data to get more free space so you might don't need to buy a new SSD.

    Just don't nuke anything from the WinSxS folder... Smiley