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  • Better Project Management with Team Foundation Server

    Please do more videos like this !

    Loved it !
  • Kam Vedbrat - Looking at Windows Vista's user interface (AERO)

    is it me or I don't particularly find the aero UI all that interesting...

    I think it should provide more continuous flow of interaction...

    let me elaborate on this:

    Open the explorer window, you can click on the header of a particular column to filter data by some field, or to group by that field... and that's awesome! But why can't you make the documents that are going to "disappear", literally "appear to dissapear"... sorta like fade out to white in the screen... let the other documents re-arrange themselves to fit the maximum size of the window so that I can take a better look at the data. Hey! Make that documents actually "move" around the screen so when I'm looking at the one I care about, I don't lose it when I filter the results even further.

    The best example of this... the research product that channel9 showed a couple months back... they organized pictures like this... DO IT IN THE WHOLE explorer.

    I gotta say I am urging for some eye candy... aero is great, but it still feels like things aren't smoothly popping out in my screen...

    What do you think of this ? Is this the final UI ?