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Rich2k Rich2k
  • I unistalled my Vista

    The only problem I have EVER had with vista was the occasional BSOD on waking from sleep mode.  I tracked this down to a Beta copy of Checkpoint's VPN client for Vista.  This was the only version available when I first installed Vista but they've now got the final release and I've not had a single crash, non-working application, freeze, etc since.

  • What's the Recycle bin for now?

    Actually it might be related to this, the issue I'm having.

    I occasionally store temporary files to the desktop e.g. exported an image from Lightroom and want to upload it to say Facebook or my Skydrive.  Anyway I do so, then delete the file, clean out the recycle bin.

    A few days later do the same, the original file is still there according the to file browser in IE when selecting a file to upload, I can still open it too, yet look on the desktop it's not there.  Did I delete the file or didn't I, or did Windows Vista just pretend to delete the file for me?

  • Stop the Ding!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It was soooo frustrating using WS_FTP and it ding'ing every time I selected a folder or file!

  • Anyone [else] rolled back to XP?

    Surely the lack of EAX support isn't a Microsoft problem but a Creative Labs one.  Yes Microsoft changed the way the audio system works but Vista has been released to the public for over 6 months now and who knows how long in beta before that.  Creative labs surely could have got it working in that time!

  • Silverlight in 21 days!

    I've not played with it, or looked at Moonlight but if it's not 100% complete, then how have they implemented it in 21 days?  Seems to me they have some working examples but not a complete silverlight implementation.

    Not to say they haven't done good work, because they have.

  • Awww the GPL won't invalidate the MS/​Novell/​Distro patent

    Xaero_Vincent wrote:
    blowdart, no. Only prior to March 28th (which also happens to be my birthdate, ironic). I believe the Linspire and Xandros deals occured after the fact.

    Ah that's my birthday too!

  • How do I get the Channel9 guy?

    I'd be interested to know too

  • Thumbnail preview of images in Longhorn, is this missing?

    Strange works fine for me when I change the view to Medium Icons or above all Jpegs (or other image types) are thumbnailed.  It's probably a missing registry entry as I believe Vista makes thumbnails using the default application itself for that file type and if it can't the preview is broken.

    I'm sure someone who knows how this actually works can help with the details though!

  • What's your favourite Xbox 360 game ?

    Sabot wrote:

    My wife bought me a nice present, my lovely (if not darn noisey Xbox 360), connected to my 1080i HDTV via the VGA cable and I have Hi Def gaming and it's a thing of beauty!

    OK, so I'm still a PC gamer, but whilst I have an Xbox 360 and sometime to use it and why not ? (I was in a car smash up recently so I'm not working till I'm a bit better hence having the time)

    So I've been playing Crackdown to death, the new content is very good!

    What other cool 360 games out there would you recommend to a newbie, and why ?

    Oh and by the way my Xbox Live name is '"Dr Sabot" so please feel free to drop me a message if you want.

    Personally I'm loving WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 at the moment, just got really into it, also I was liking Lord of the Rings, Battle for Middle Earth II but I've got stuck recently and when that happens I soon get bored of a game.

  • Office 2007 Ribbon and decreasing developer ​productivit​y. What a palaver!

    vesuvius wrote:
    Go here to view a "wicked" office ribbon bar developed by Juan Pablo G.C.. With the advent of "Orcas" and developer productivity increasing things like Linq, why then take a u-turn and decrease developer produtivity by not having the ribbon bar in Visual Studio and relying on add-ons, 3rd party suppliers and the time it takes to learn the implementation of the utility?

    I have invested a great amount of time, effort and expense into MS products, why should I not have access to the ribbon to use in my apps?
    Do the head honchos think it great value to lump their developer community with their 2nd choice UI, whilst promoting their latest technologies?

    Honestly you pay (through the teeth here in the UK) for the OS and Office, that they use to develop this ribbon, then you get flim-flam! Do I sound ungrateful here?

    The problem with that control is that it doesn't go far enough.  I've read the office 2007 UI license and used the UI myself and basically it isn't enough to implement part of it, you have to implement pretty much all of it, including the application menu and right down to the key tips.