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Auxon Richard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf
  • PhotoSynth: What. How. Why.

    Oh Steve, you are regretting that perhaps now that you have seen Surface and Silverlight using SeaDragon technology.  Cool
  • Introduction to the Windows Workflow Foundation Pageflow sample

    I was wondering where this sample or template was in WF because it seemed like an very important use case for WF.  Thanks for making it available!  Big Smile

  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Things and Stuff

    That made me happy too, right up until the last 11 words.  "... we may not have voice support in the release version, but ..."  And the fade to black is just what I felt in my heart too, just like I did this morning when I heard ADO.NET Entity Framework will NOT be in the Orcas release, and just like I felt when I booted Vista and all my user settings and files were moved and inaccessible - it was completely reset for some reason.  This is not a good few days for our relationship MS.  [C]  I'm sorry I sent Bill that email about our mobile plans, I thought he'd be interested.  Why are you torturing me?  Wink

    Come on guys, don't say there might not be support, we NEED it, let's iron it out together - get the speech libraries out there.  The ADO.NET Entity Framework is the thing I've been pitching as the best thing in 30 years, because we'll finally really get to code against a solid object model, or at least approach that vision.  Get it out, we'll help make it better, put them on CodePlex.  Please!  [A]

  • John Gough and Joel Pobar: Compilers, Compilers, Compilers...

    Great interview.  I am actually shocked to hear Joel say that the MS guys said not a lot of people were interested in compilers, if that's true, I'd like to interview some day (if I can make one myself first), because I figured it would be tough competition, like trying to join the elite game programmers out there.

    John, I am one of those IT students who had to take Modula-2 during my first two introductory CS courses in university.  Oh My! Modula-2!  Perplexed 

    I had already learned BASIC long before, and a bit of Turbo Pascal from my dad, but Modula-2 was my first "pointer language", and still to this day I just wish they had of used C++, no offense.  By that time I guess I was just longing for a language I could use "anywhere" ... imagine my feeling of foolishness now for taking a COBOL language course because they said 70% of business code was written in COBOL ... *shiver*.....

    I remember that Modula-2 and Turbo Pascal were similar enough that my dad enjoyed helping me out, but I think the most advanced thing I ever did with Modula-2 was write a Tic-Tac-Toe game, as one of the exercises in the textbox suggested. 

    I'm a language geek, but until I write my first compiler, what do I know ... Modula-2 wasn't bad, but the CLR ... is amazing. 

  • HanselMinutes on 9 - #2 - Weapons and Debugging the .NET Runtime

    Ok, I'll bite ... the only reason I find it disturbing is because it's necessary.  Here's why.  Microsoft, Apple, Xerox, IBM, and every other big company has a lot of intellectual property that everyone kinda agreed to share/steal from one another, until one decided to sue the other, then all hell broke loose.  Now everyone has to file and try to obtain patents on software to protect themselves from being sued by other companies, someday.  It's like the cold war but everyone thinks they have to stockpile patents; like the cold war there are major incidents like SCO that threaten to turn many companies and maybe the internet itself to ashes, but are defeated ... the drama! 

    MS has paid out so much money on patents, but a lot - think the Fraunhofer license mess up - of it is frivolous.  If they were so concerned about the patent, as a weapon, then why dies MS get patents on the CLR, but publish the CLI as a standard ... so there is that recognition to the world that "this knowledge has to be shared, but you should have to do some work or pay us if you can't figure it out from the specifications yourself".

    Alright, I'm just talking....
  • HanselMinutes on 9 - #1 -

    ZippyV wrote:
    What the hell is Monorail?

    It's Ruby on Rails for .NET.  Mono is a .NET implementation that is opensourced.  Monorail generates a framework and web pages based on a database, using MVC and ActiveRecord patterns.  Essentially, it's a web application framework generator that can make an entire CRUD-based web app in a few minutes.
  • HanselMinutes on 9 - #1 -

    Nice interview.  Scott is great especially for getting into architectural topics and higher level topics, is he going to join Channel9?  Rory and Scott seemed to make a good team so far.

    I thought it was too short, but if you put out more short ones, then it'll make up for it.



  • Debra Chrapaty: A Company Import. A Great Leader.

    This was a really interesting interview.  It's good to hear that the MS VPs get along.

    The story of how Debra navigated her career to become a corporate VP is really worth listening to.

    My favorite bit is this:

    Jennifer:  What were you hired in as?  Director, GM, VP...?
    Debra:  Corporate VP.
                 Ah, you're smiling ... how did I do that?
    Jennifer:  Pray tell!
    Charles: Yeah ...
    more laughter
    Debra (serious):  Because I am one.  Cool

  • Microsoft Research TechFest - Using P2P to speed up multiplayer gaming (and other things)

    Conceptually simple and beautiful ideas, great interview!  Big Smile

  • Microsoft Research TechFest - Intro, DynaVis, and FastDash

    LOL, Rory you are hilarious!  Big Smile  Aren't you afraid that you'll offend someone by refusing to shake hands?  What if you interview Bill G, will you shake hands?  Perplexed

    Sweet interview.