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Auxon Richard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf
  • Scientists prove Global Warming caused by the sun, not humans.

    I really don't think you guys read the articles or have tried to make any real effort.  If you really cared at all and weren't just fixated on maintaining your own beliefs then you'd realize how important it is to actually figure out how the climate works by experiment.  Show me the experimental results that back up your side.

  • Scientists prove Global Warming caused by the sun, not humans.

    @Dr Herbie:

    Read between the lines.  Did you read the articles?  Did you read how the director of CERN warned the authors to not say anything too politically incorrect?  Did you see how Nature has buried part of the results in the supplementary material?

  • Scientists prove Global Warming caused by the sun, not humans.

    @W3bbo:  What does this have to do with liberals or conservatives?  To me, nothing.  I don't care what the party lines have decided.  I'm more interested in the details that are reported in the articles linked to in the OP.  The censorship was blocking the funding and research of Svensmark et al, and taking more than a decade to follow up on a valid hypothesis and research. 

  • UCLA creates stretchable OLEDs

    "We are still some ways off from having high-performance, really robust, intrinsically stretchable devices," says Bao, but "with this work and those from others, we are getting closer and closer to realizing this kind of sophisticated and multifunctional electronic skin."



  • Scientists prove Global Warming caused by the sun, not humans.

    @androidi:  What are you talking about?  A refrigerator?  Perplexed

  • Scientists prove Global Warming caused by the sun, not humans.

    @Dr Herbie:  I've read through a lot of the links ... what they have proven is that cosmic rays ionize particles, creating seeds for water or ice formation (which contradicts your statement, "cosmic rays may have an effect"; this experiment proves they do, unless they are lying).  This is what the AGW crowd has been denying and censoring for more than a decade.  The critical point is that cosmic rays create the seeds particles required to create clouds, and at rates far beyond what vapours in the lower atmosphere can produce. 

    It also reveals previously unknown chemistry, including up to 1000x increased seed formation in the presence of ammonia in minute quantities (1 part in 30 billion).    This is an actual scientific experiment with actual results that can and should be duplicated.


  • Scanner Mouse!

    @spivonious: That's another thing I don't know the location of.

  • Scanner Mouse!


    You know where my flatbed scanner is?  I don't.  Because I don't use it.  It takes up room and I rarely use it because it takes up room and I put it away some place.  I literally don't know where it is.  A mouse scanner would just be there when I finally want to use it to scan receipts in.  That's all I want.  Scan and disappear.  Will this get rid of flatbed scanners?  Probably not.  Except a ubiquitous Kinect 3 in my monitor. 

    As for it being done before - as well as this?  Not that I've seen, and Sprites mods is worlds away in quality.  Even the page you linked to calls it, "a ghetto b&w handscanner". 

    TL;DR:  I'm buying one. 



  • Jobs has resigned

    ,cbae wrote


    Meh. Steve Wozniak was the one who proved you can build a PC small enough for the mass market. Commodore was the one who truly popularized the PC in the home. Research in Motion is the company that popularized smart phones. The term "Crackberry" was coined before the iPhone was even a twinkle in Steve Job's eye. Microsoft and Windows are responsible for pushing advancements in both graphics cards/GPUs and the DRAM to the point that it's cheap enough to even put into devices like smart phones and tablets.

    All of these things would have happened with or without Steve Jobs. The only thing I'll credit Steve Jobs for is turning gadgets into aspirational products, which IMO is bad for the advancement of technology.


    Perhaps the truth is somewhere in the middle.  Personally, there are a few big names that I look up to in certain respects - and frown upon in certain other respects - and they have been role models in one way or another.  Jobs is one of them.  I don't like certain myths and certain mystic that has been built up around his character, but really appreciate the drive and ambition, and the foresight to drop everything and focus entirely on making your dreams happen.  He couldn't have done it without Woz, and without a huge number of people that all bought into his vision for what a computer should be like.  That's saying a lot.  It's hard to drive the direction of millions or billions of people. 

    Apple under Jobs was in my mind, a company that drives a style of ergonomics and interface design that has played a vital role in IT, and helped to drive ubiquity.  Not everyone wants an ugly beige box in every room.  People like the look of Apple hardware and so it is more likely to be used by people.  It's comfortable.  Aside from everything else that is technically breathtaking, and always pushing the limits, and close enough to engineering perfection that it raises the bar on everyone, their designs have been inspiring.  Jobs drives that kind of attention to detail; there are stories abounding on the internet, especially today, that talk about his attention to detail in the products Apple and partners make.  One of the biggest contrasts between MS and Apple is that eye for the artistic detail.  A software developer claims, "I love elegant code".  Steve wanted elegant software and hardware.  The interface is the hardware and you have to program that as well - it doesn't stop at the software layer.  By program, I mean plan a design, solve problems in the design, and implement solutions.

    In the end we'll see if like-minded people pick up the reins and can do what Jobs has done so successfully in the past.  I don't think it's the "reality distortion field" they need.  They need actual vision, and the sheer force of will required to bring it to fruition.  When other CEOs focused on the bottom line, Jobs remembered to focus on the design, and showed that the rest will follow.

  • Scanner Mouse!

    It's about time! (Why didn't I think of that?)