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  • Attachmate lays off US Mono employees

    Attachmate acquired Novell, and now is laying off at least some of the US Mono developers:


    EDIT:  This is all just a rumour.  Sorry about that.

  • MetroTwit beta is up

    Cannot start the application - I've submitted a bug report with the full log.  The error is:

    Following errors were detected during this operation.
     * [03/05/2011 1:26:22 PM] System.Deployment.Application.InvalidDeploymentException (HashValidation)
      - File, beep.mp3, has a different computed hash than specified in manifest.
      - Source: System.Deployment
      - Stack trace:
       at System.Deployment.Application.ComponentVerifier.VerifyFileHash(String filePath, Hash hash)
       at System.Deployment.Application.ComponentVerifier.VerifyFileHash(String filePath, HashCollection hashCollection)
       at System.Deployment.Application.ComponentVerifier.VerifyComponents()
       at System.Deployment.Application.DownloadManager.DownloadDependencies(SubscriptionState subState, AssemblyManifest deployManifest, AssemblyManifest appManifest, Uri sourceUriBase, String targetDirectory, String group, IDownloadNotification notification, DownloadOptions options)
       at System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationActivator.DownloadApplication(SubscriptionState subState, ActivationDescription actDesc, Int64 transactionId, TempDirectory& downloadTemp)
       at System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationActivator.InstallApplication(SubscriptionState& subState, ActivationDescription actDesc)
       at System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationActivator.PerformDeploymentActivation(Uri activationUri, Boolean isShortcut, String textualSubId, String deploymentProviderUrlFromExtension, BrowserSettings browserSettings, String& errorPageUrl)
       at System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationActivator.ActivateDeploymentWorker(Object state)

  • Canadians elect Conservative majority

    @W3bbo: Only in the US.  In Canada, the Conservative party is very much centrist compared to the Republicans.

    Of course, my NDP friends disagree; but they think the government should take care of everything with money that doesn't exist and don't realize what Carbon Tax and Cap and Trade really mean.

  • Canadians elect Conservative majority

    OK, so it's all but over, and we've elected the Progressive Conservative party into a majority government, after the last two elections gave them only a minority government.  So, I hope the conservatives stay level headed and don't do anything extreme, because I agree with their economic policy and think that without the conservative party in power during the worldwide economic "downturn" we'd all be in worse shape.  It's clear that Canada has become more polarized, however, with the Liberal party losing so many seats and the NDP, the most left-wing and socialist party in Canada, having the best result in their history.  The Bloc, a Quebec-only and separatist party has lost the most - having only 2 seats (the final number remains to be seen) left, forcing them to lose their official party status for the first time in my lifetime (or at least, my memory).  Big surprise in Quebec.  The NDP gained most in Quebec, stealing most of Quebec from the Bloc.

    Just sayin', eh?

  • JavaScript - What's in a name?

    @Charles:  I know!  What is the world coming to if they believe that Wikipedia is the last word?  I can change any word there I want.  Smiley

  • Annoying bug in IE9 - Anyone else see this too?

    @exoteric: The hardware acceleration might be messing up your audio, in which case it would be an issue with either your video or audio hardware.  If you try disabling hardware accerlation in IE9, do you still experience the problem?  If that's the issue, maybe your lucky and there's a driver or firmware update available.

  • Spending Too Much Time Learning Mandarin

    The Forbidden City and surroundings looks totally like a CPU ... I thought it was one.

  • Win8 Touch Leaks.

    The guy in one of the videos kind of looks like me 20lbs ago.   Weird.  It's not me though, seriously.

  • JavaScript - What's in a name?

    Coffee Wink  Or let's get to the essence of what really matters: C8H10N4O2

    (Yes, I've been drinking.)

  • JavaScript - What's in a name?

    , cbae wrote

    JNJ - Acronym for "JavaScript's not Java" or recursive acronym for "JNJ's not Java"


    I like that one. Smiley