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  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    @Clint:Thanks for your response! Yeah, I can see how that would become a bigger project Tongue Out - Anyways It would be good if there was a short description like: "Yepp, with the 8.1 Framework there are a few differences - you can achieve the same as mentioned at (time) - when you do <<this>> .


  • Part 3: Introduction to XAML

    Another great Tutorial! Thank you very much Channel9 & Bob Tabor!

    I think @Irene Smith asked a good question. Is this one of the differences between Win 8 and 8.1?






  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    Hey there,

    first of all, I really enjoyed your previous series on C# - and I was going to give this series as go. However, reading through the comments, and the change log online I see that there are a lot of things that have changed in 8.1 for developers.

    So,- Here's my question: Is this series still useful for people who want to develop with c# and 8.1? It can become a bit confusing when you're a beginner when everything looks a bit different. So will there be an update for this course to 8.1? Even if you would point out the differences in the projects it would be very useful for beginners (like me).

    Thanks again for your great tutorials!


    P.S: Jeff Proise posted a (long) article about what's new for developers in 8.1 where he also posted an updated solution for the Contoso Cookbook that will run when you are using Visual Studio 2013 and Windows 8.1