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  • (Episode 1) Windows 8: Enabling Flexible Workstyles

    The body language is all wrong, the look of concern and loss to explain Win8's real benefits make this video a poor sell IMHO. I use Win8 every day on a slate and two laptops. It's a great PC OS, plus when you see my five year old 'swipey' flick around the interface and play games on it, the penny drops. It's not the best business platform, Win7 is better, especially the fully integrated desktop search 'with Outlook'. Win8 isn't fully baked yet, it's just a stopgap to curtain BYOD IPads invading the corporate space until MS catch up

  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo

    It's a far cry from anything MS has done before. I think until we see the Office15/metro interface and how that can improve productivity the jury is out. I'm looking forward to using OneNote more productively and generally learning to use touch as my primary interface. Once I see hybrid slates with snap-to dock keyboards and witness the power management first hand I'll make my final assessment then

    Apple have certainly got a jump start, but if MS get the consumer/business blend right, they'll have a winner

  • Windows 7: Welcome to the Windows 7 Desktop

    Can't get the embed code to copy out!?

    Also Share link fails
  • The Advancement of Windows: Michael Fortin - Windows Vista SuperFetch

    Great video or was that arc-cast Big Smile

    When will Mark Russinovich be honouring us with his presence? It would be good to see Mark in action again. I'm especially interested on what he has to say about the total package of performance enhancements due out in Vista and what in real terms we can hope to see when Vista goes public

    I would be interested to know what enhancements are in RC2 build 5744 just release this weekend..?

    Rob Atkinson