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Recent graduate working in the telecoms industry in the web services area with C# and VS2005.


  • British Telecom's .NET Mobile SDK - Making it simple to code ​communicati​on

    Hey, great post (if I do say so myself). 

    Jonas, since you guys played with the SDK at the Accelerator, we've had another release with added features.  We're expecting another release sometime in April, so keep watching


  • - WF Team Answers Your Questions

    Hey Ron, the itunes link doesn't seem to be working, it says the file can't be found.  Looks like it's chopped off the file upto TeamA.

    Robbie C
  • ARCast – Web Service Software Factory

    The exception story is one that we've been discussing a lot at work recently.  We decided against including exception types in the WSDLs to ensure greater simplicity and instead use a set of common fault codes (across several services).  It's not a million miles away from the exception shielding that Don was discussing here. 

    I like the sound of the data contract, it reminds me of a podcast you had with Martin Folwer I believe about consumer driven contracts. 

    Cool stuff Smiley
  • ARCast - It's An Agile World After All

    Hey Ron,

    Nice coverage of agile development.  I work for a massive company and I'm fortunate enough to work in an area where agile is growing.  It'll take time to spread through the company, as in any big company with people struggling to move away from waterfall.  But we'll get there.

    This podcast was a good introduction to agile development, but there's also so much more to read up on.  Colin recommended a great book in Poppendieck, also check out Agile Project Management with Scrum by Schwaber for more detail on the day to day delivery using Scrum.

    Keep it up

  • ARCast - Security Legend Keith Brown

    Hey Ron, Keith.

    Great episode!  I'm a graduate software engineer and they're pushing security hard at work.  They're pushing policy and procedures upon us but it's good to hear that security isn't all paper pushing and locking down the network!  Keith has raised some really interesting points with some good examples. 


    - Robbie