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Robert Hess

Robert Hess Robert Hess Changing the world, one cocktail at a time.

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  • C++: A Language for Modern Times

    I love all of the discussion going on here, I think a key thing to keep in mind is that I doubt there could ever be a single programming language that solved everybodies problems. As Herb mentions a few times in this video "The Right Tool for the Right Job".

    As somebody who has programmed in far more languages then I can even remember, I enjoy getting into the groove of each one and appreciating the features and capabilities they bring to the table.

    FORTH may have never been a terribly practical programming language, but it was a lot of fun, at times almost seeming like playing a game of Tetris :->... Modula-2 was a well structured language with a great balance of polite power. C, when I was first coding in it, was sort of like a challenge to see how tightly you could wind your code, and in a sadistic sort of way trying to make it do something in a next-to-unreadable way (you've got to remember, I was just a fun-loving kid back in those days! :->)

    I've been using C# for many years now, and find it both comfortable and familiar, but seeing some of the new capabilities working their way into C++ makes me realize that it's probably time to take a look at it again.


  • Use a Nerf Gun, Kinect Skeletal Tracking, and a Turret to protect your office!

    So I work in the office right across from Clint... and happened to walk out my door when he was first working on this project. It was a bloodbath (or should that be nerf bath?)

  • Phil Haack - ASP.NET, MVC, and Ninjas On Fire

    Kervin, it's working fine for me, what's the problem you are having?

  • Mark Wilson-Thomas: WPF and Silverlight Development in Visual Studio 2010

    Thanks... I'll look into that.
  • Tim Aidlin - Glimmer, a JQuery Interactive Design Tool

    If anybody has used Glimmer to add JQuery features to their sites, I'd love to hear about it and see them. Go ahead and post your links here.
  • Brad Abrams - Silverlight 3.0 for Great Business Apps

    aL, I suppose "clean" might be in the eye of the beholder? I realize that the URL listed in the address bar can be a little hard to read in this video, but essentially it looks like this:


    The Silverlight application itself exists on the ASPX page shown in the URL, so that essentially has to be listed in that fashion, however just as you'd use "#" to then link to a "position" within a big gigantic page, we are using this to link to a the "position" within the Silverlight application that you are wanting to access.
  • Tim Aidlin - User Experience Designer

    Jamie... well, you can always check out: http://2009.visitmix.com/ to see some of Tim's work, he designed most, if not all, of the MIX09 creative material.

    But... you do raise a good point. It would have been appropriate to let Tim dive into some of his actual work and show how he produces it.

  • Tim Aidlin - User Experience Designer

    Mr. Guru... or can I call you Web?

    Glad you enjoyed The .NET Show! Erica and I had a great time working on this show for over seven years. Even Star Trek: The Next Generation decided to wrap up after seven years, and I felt that I couldn't suggest that The .NET Show was better then that! :->

    I am currently playing around with using "The Knowledge Chamber" as a replacement for The .NET Show. The format will allow me to do shows far more regularly, and far cheaper (which is important these days!). I will be adjusting the tone and format over time based on what I percieve as the feedback from you, the audience. So please let me know what you think of the show, it's length, my guests, etc.

  • Joanna Mason - Senior Program Manager, Expression Blend

    The folks in marketing hate it when they don't get to be the first ones to divulge when the next release will be or what features it will contain. And since they haven't said anything about this yet, I guess I can't either... What I can say, is that we think you'll be happy with what the Blend team has been working on recently. There will be more information available around the MIX09 timeframe, so stay tuned!

    The issue you mention with Design View is one the team is aware of and have been actively working on.
  • Patrick Dussud: Managing Garbage Collection

    Glad you're enjoying the show! I know that I'm having fun hosting it.

    There were perhaps a few extra comments about Lisp that we cut from the filming, but we didn't go into details about Lisp as a language, although that would have been fun, especially since Lisp is one of the few languages I've never really had any dealings with. I understand that there are a couple of CLR implementations available.


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