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  • Mohsen Agsen: Bridging the Gap between PC and Enterprise, Developer and Designer

    Should have jumped in here when the show came out last week, but I've been busy on a project here at work and haven't had a time to come over and check the episode out until now.

    I hope you've enjoyed this interview with Mohsen, he's a great guy and extremely personable, as I hope came out in this video. He's held a broad number of jobs here at Microsoft, and so has had a great opportunity to see a variety of aspects of how a company like Microsoft works and evolves.

    It was a bit of a strange coincidence that I am now the host of "Behind The Code". I'd been doing "The .NET Show" for over seven years now, and just recently decided it was time to bring that series to a close. With such great content here on Channel 9, it really wasn't such a hard decision to make. I had another "show" in mind to develop here for C9 (and it is still in the works), but then the BTC folks said their previous host had moved on and they needed somebody else. Seemed like a no-brainer to take this on since the format was already so similar to what I had been doing on "The .NET Show" (although no more Erica [C]).

    The hard part about this particular episode, is that it required me to fly out to Hawai'i to meet with Mohsen and his team. I tried to get out of it, but couldn't. The things I have to do some times.

    We will be filming the next episode in December, and my guest will be Patrick Dussud (bioC9 Interview, blog). We'll most likely be focusing mostly on the importance of Architectural design, and topics related to that, but I'd also like to hear from the rest of you as to what you'd like to hear about from Patrick.

    -Robert Hess
  • Technology Roundtable #1

    Chadk wrote:

    1) The future for
    2) Discussion on AI in operative systems
    3) Discussion on the average use of the computer.

    Great Ideas! Keep 'em coming!
  • Technology Roundtable #1

    staceyw wrote:
    It would be cool if you could reverse one of the cameras and make that mirror a projector, so you could record, and mix-in various inputs like active talker's screen and project on the wall.  Then you would truly only need this one device.

    What I'm looking at doing is working on a method to support auxillary input sources and be able to dynamically switch those in during the recording. Clearly having a way to include display output of demos and such will be important moving foward. 
  • Technology Roundtable #1

    SecretSoftware wrote:
    1) C# team heads, + VB.NET team heads, discussing future of the .NET framework
    2) How Multi-Core processing will affect the way we write applications.
    3)  Future of cryptography
    4) Windows Vista design challenges
    5) How will online experiance , the web , will evolve.
    6) Software Technology meeting Biological Genetics

    These are all GREAT ideas! Thanks!
  • Technology Roundtable #1

    zian wrote:
    What's with the cryptic filename? I don't have any idea what TR001 is.

    "Technology Roundtable Episode 1" Wink
  • Technology Roundtable #1

    Thanks for all the input and support, I'll be looking at how to evolve this show concept in the upcoming episodes and try to uniquely address the types of topics you folks are wanting addressed.

    The video quality isn't as good as I'd like it to be, you've got to remember that while the other C9 videos are using high-quality digital camcorders, I'm using what is essentially a glorified web-cam. So while I think once we get on the final hardware, and get into our "studio" where we can better control the lighting, things will be better, the core C9 videos will always be of better quality.

    That's the price. The benefit however, is that since the RoundTable camera is automatically doing the switching from person to person, I can do multi-person interviews without having to have wild camera swings, or try to do timeconsuming post-production editing together of a multi-camera shoot.

    I'm looking forward to having a deeper level of involvement with C9 moving forward.
  • Robert Hess - a different kind of geek

    Um.... I'm the "Host" of the .NET Show, so I guess that means I've appeared in every one of them :->

  • Robert Hess - a different kind of geek

    ...Ma-ra-ski-no... yeah, I know. Old habits die hard. I still try to use ";" all the time whenever I write VB.NET code :->