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RobertScoble RobertScoble Just another geek
  • Back to the Futurizer .. Why not Scoble?

    Bas wrote:
    RobertScoble wrote:
    I'd love it if someone from Channel 9 took my Zune Challenge.

    Yeah, yeah, Zune. Anything to say about the comments on your .NET open source post?

    Yeah, poorly researched post. Shoot me. I saw a ton of headlines that said that Microsoft had Open Sourced .NET. That isn't true. I learned that after I posted. In fact, it was pointed out to me within minutes of my posting and I updated my post to make it a lot more accurate within minutes.

    That said, Java is really open sourced. So is Flex. .NET still isn't. That's a shame.

  • Back to the Futurizer .. Why not Scoble?

    I'd love it if someone from Channel 9 took my Zune Challenge.

    But, mostly everyone here is right. I'm not worth listening to. I'm just an attention wh0re, like someone said.

    That said, the people I interview for ScobleShow are worth listening to. In the year or so since leaving Channel 9 I've interviewed about 300 people, including tons of smart geeks and entrepreneurs and even gotten a tour or two of Microsoft in there as well.

  • PodTech in trouble?

    littleguru wrote:
    I found it also interesting that he is going to reconsider his career in spring 2008, because then PodTech is probably moving in another direction. On one hand he is 100% committed on the other hand he is already knowing when he is going to probably leave (or at least consider it)

    It's always fun when people try to put things in your words that simply were not there. It does not mean I'm going to consider leaving. It means I am going to look at my career and think about it then. Just like every Microsoft employee is FORCED to do through employee reviews in the summer time.

    I'm the most profitable employee at PodTech, so doubt they'd change direction away from what I'm doing.

  • PodTech in trouble?

    >I don't think they are making lots of money.

    We have millions of dollars in revenue. We aren't profitable yet (sort of like the Xbox group which is investing in a new market at a rate faster than it is monetizeable yet) but will be profitable by the end of the year.

  • Flex is Open source

    Adobe Opensources Flex.

    Basically this makes Mix even more interesting to see what Microsoft does in response next week.

  • Fred: You Voted, We Listened

    There's lots of startups who can't afford a trip to go to Vegas.

    But, even if every developer could, they simply couldn't fit into a conference hall. How many VB developers are there? I kept hearing there were three million when I worked at Microsoft.

    So, how do you reach the other 2,999,000 that can't get to Mix?

    Video. Audio. Text.

    Who'll do all that video, audio, text?

    Why do the press get front row seats at almost every Microsoft conference I've ever been to? Even the PDC, which is a much more developer centric venue than Mix is?

    Ahh, business value.

  • Fred: You Voted, We Listened

    Heheh. Drat. Caught me! Smiley

  • Fred: You Voted, We Listened

    If I were Jeff and had to decide between say, me, and Fred, I'd choose Fred every time. He goes on CNBC and Wired has a lot more readers than anything I do.

    That said, starting soon I'll be writing for Fast Company magazine. 700,000 circulation.

  • Fred: You Voted, We Listened

    That's for you guys to decide. I just remember helping out with a VSLive that Bill Gates was coming to. That was back in 1998. It was sold out just like Mix was (actually we had turned away more than 500 developers, if I remember right). Microsoft urged us to make more space available for press. We did, without getting developers who signed up kicked out. If I remember right we kicked out the Microsoft employees instead (and the staff members -- all of us had to watch the keynote from the lobby, where we set up big monitors to play the video from inside).

    But, now that you've made it a public thing seems to me that you can't keep another developer from coming. That'd be worse PR than dissing Fred at this point.

    A smart PR team would have kept enough seats open for last-minute PR requests, though. They always happen. Fred is hardly the only reporter to ask for a last-minute seat.

  • Fred: You Voted, We Listened

    How many people read Wired magazine again?

    So, do you invite one developer? Great, that might mean one app.

    Or do you invite a journalist who’ll write and talk with, say, 100 developers? (I have a feeling a lot more than 100 developers read Wired magazine).

    Which one is a better decision for Microsoft as a business?

    Which one is better for Microsoft’s ecosystem? How many apps will one decision get done over another?

    I see at least four journalists who got invited to be on Microsoft’s stage. Why did they get invited over someone like Fred?

    Oh, and if you think this is just about Wired magazine, Fred was on CNBC last week. So his reach is more than just Wired.