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Major computer geek since 1981 when I first started out with my Commodore VIC-20 which only had 3.5K of RAM. Moved to MSDOS witht he purchase of my IBM XT Compatible with a single floppy and no hard drive and 640K of RAM (cost $700 at the time with no monitor).

Been working in C/C++ since just before my move to MS-DOS and then switched when Windows 3.0 (yes, the .0 version). Been a happy camper with that until .NET woke me back up again several years ago. Running full tilt C#/.NET since t...


  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    I was sitting through the video thinking to myself that "this is cool", "that is cool", "Wonder where this will fit in my n-tier apps"..  My mind was in a box and did not realize the full power until the "String Method" example, then it was like "Duh, this is for all data not just typical database data, but about any data you have to work with in a program!".  That was the absolute knock out punch!

    Very cool!  Even those words simple rather wimpy, this has solved one of the major shortcomings in the langugage as to dealing with data regardless of type.  Big, huge, gigantic leap for .NET!