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RodAtWork RodAtWork
  • F# is now the real deal: We've made it an official .NET language

    This is very interesting.  I've not used functional programming languages since taking CS courses in college, but I loved them.  I look forward to seeing this in Visual Studio.

  • Is the DataSet class and related objects, dead?

    I know that is a bit of a drastic question, so let me clarify.

    I've been reading about LINQ (who hasn't), and I know that it is coming with VS 2008.  But right now I'm facing a major re-write of one of our oldest VB6 applications (it is about 8 years old) and I cannot wait until VS 2008 comes out.  And, for better or for worse, we don't develop with beta versions of Visual Studio.  So my tendency right now is to use the DataSet object, especially with my middle-tier components for passing data back to the Windows client.  I want to know if Microsoft will support the DataSet object for years (at least 5) to come?

  • How do I turn off the Fast Switch User in Vista

    I've installed Vista Ultimate on my laptop.  I see that the Fast Switch User, which was introduced with Windows XP, is in Vista.  I would like to remove it, please.  I have found a web site which describes how to remove the Welcome screen, which also removes the Fast Switch User feature, but I don't want to remove the Welcome screen.  All I want to do is remove the Fast Switch User feature.