Rodolfo Fadino

Rodolfo Fadino Rodolfo​Fadino Rodolfo Fadino


Niner since 2012

Developer expert in web applications, focused on high performance web systems and large-scale scenarios. Works in different projects, aligned with the latest technologies, best practices and development techniques.

Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in Visual C#, also has some certifications: MCPD, MCTS and MCP. Maintains a technical blog ( ) with things about development, C#, infrastructure, etc.

Works as Solutions Architect at portal Minha Vida, the largest health and wellness internet portal in Brazil. Which participates in projects with many teams, aiming to design, create solutions for different scenarios. With the responsibility to ensure the quality of implementations, provide infrastructure for all sites of the group, propose and implement the use of new technologies.

Also develops infrastructure projects, creating solutions like virtualized environments, configurations of servers, network, DNS and webservers.

Has worked on various projects: tracking platforms, CRM, ecommerce, payment methods, websites, integrations with providers (payments, gateways, e-mail plataform), content publishing systems (CMS), integration with social networks and API's.