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  • Windows Ink

    Is the Ink Analysis demo shown available anywhere? It was a great way of showing what can be done with Ink and I'd never seen how powerful it could be until this video

  • TWC9 - IE9 Beta, WP7 Tools, and The New Channel 9 with Duncan and Sampy

    Will there be a new encode of the video - I watch most videos on my TV and, it didn't look good - look forward to a better quality version if there is one!

  • Inside Windows Phone #07: Meet Some of the People Behind Windows Phone

    Indeed always interesting in seeing who's behind the Windows Phone experience! Plus I guess a lot changed throughout the year from going from "Windows Mobile 7" to Windows Phone 7, guessing there are some interesting stories with regards to this, hopefully we will see some of this in future videos.

  • Inside Windows Phone #01: Introducing the show

    Looks like it'll be an interesting show, will be good to hear from the platform developers and maybe some insights into the process from start to release, maybe showcase some great apps and examples for developers too I hope!

  • Windows Phone 7: News for Developers

    Great news that the Panorama and Pivot controls will be available with the final release - the community has done well with the versions to keep developers happy in the meantime.

    I'm also hoping more developer devices will become available in the UK, although there are labs being organised in London giving developers a chance to deploy their apps, although if you're doing desktop PC development then this is not really an option.

    Hopefully the momentum for Windows Phone 7 will step up as it is clearly getting close to launch, I'm guessing that as final dev tools are being made available this also means a final version of the Emulator and OS too.

  • Windows Phone 7: Applications & Tools

    These apps look great, and glad the source code is going to be made available as starter kits will be a great kickstart to a lot of apps. I actually was going to do a level app but the one shown in the video is way better than I was going to do, and has all the features! Rest of the apps have bits and pieces which apply to other apps, especially like the way the PhoneAccent is used in some of the apps like the Stock Charts and the Level app.

  • Silverlight TV 8: Inside Look at the Code for the Silverlight for Facebook App

    Finally got to see the video - worth the wait - I know there is probably no chance that the full source code will be released - but some examples based on the key elements such as COM Integration with Outlook (some of which was shown) Drag-Drop and the RichText parsing of the Facebook content would be welcome - even if these were distinct examples on their own.

  • Silverlight TV 8: Inside Look at the Code for the Silverlight for Facebook App

    Is there something wrong with the encode for this video - just as it gets to the bit "show me some of the code" it stops.

    Been wanting to see how the Facebook app was created for a long time - guess I'll wait until the problem is resolved - unless it is at my end, in that case I'll try later. Really enjoyed the previous episodes, hopefully there will be more to come!