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  • MIX 2008: What the hell is this MIX thing, anyway?

    Minh wrote:
    The barrier-to-entry to web development used to be really low. (Once you've had access to a web server), you can script your way to a decent site. These were the ASP, PHP days. Even when you throw in database access, you can still copy+paste your way through it.

    The barrier to entry is still low - you just have to look outside the Windows World. I do this a lot, and specifically because I don't want my world view to be limited by what Microsoft wishes me to use. 

    How many of the *big* web-apps use Microsoft technology? I'd guess, and it is a guess, that the number is small - not that I am suggesting that either technology is better than the other, but buying into Rails or Django/Turbogears doesn't tie me into what Microsoft thinks is right ... and doesn't try and force me into working with my designers in a certain way.

    I'm only being negative because everyone else is Smiley

  • The C# Disco Floor Guy - Clint Rutkas

    He really needs to hook up with my friend Martin who just delivered a video curtain to a cruise ship (which looks awesome and also driven by C#) - it would be totally Disco-tastic!
  • Mike Swanson: SWF to WPF Converter

    This looks interesting Smiley

    macbirdie wrote:
    It's as if a thousand Adobe developers scream in terror and are then suddenly silenced.

    Until it supports ActionScript I don't think anyone is *too* worried.  Of course a XAML-SWF converter would be spectacular and allow Microsoft to take advantage of the huge installation base of Flash.

    I'd always thought the SWF spec proprietary though, I'm surprised it is as open as it appears to be.

    Edit: Having thought a little more about it, isn't there a Javascript implementation for the CLR? ActionScript is essentially the same (EcmaScript) - although I guess it would involve reworking all of the existing Flash AS apis.
  • Five on Nine - Pilot Episode

    Very cool, looking forward to more (even a couple of guest Niners once in a blue moon would be cool too).

    Oh and Adam, if you sit like that when you are coding, you are going to totally bust up your knee - trust me. It hurts. Lots.
  • Vittorio Bertocci: WS-Trust - Under the Hood

    That looks like really interesting stuff, and I think I'd like to see more WS-* stuff.  But how does Microsoft view Tim Bray's criticism of WS-*? He's particularly scathing of WS-TRANSFER quoting someone as saying it is HTTP over SOAP ..

    Time Bray wrote:

    No matter how hard I try, I still think the WS-* stack is bloated, opaque, and insanely complex. I think it’s going to be hard to understand, hard to implement, hard to interoperate, and hard to secure.
    I look at Google and Amazon and EBay and Salesforce and see them doing tens of millions of transactions a day involving pumping XML back and forth over HTTP, and I can’t help noticing that they don’t seem to need much WS-apparatus.

  • London Niners: Tour, Drinks and Debate

    Sabot wrote:

    DDD4 would be a cool place to meet up as there is a likelihood of more 9'ers being there!

    I was planning to try and make it to DDD4 and was even considering driving down anyone from up North who might want to go down - but I was only going to go to heckle Blowdart Smiley

    I still think we should have a Euro geek meet or try and get some of the European Niners to DDD4 and make a weekend of it.

  • Rory Blyth: The Exit Interview

    Yay, way to go Rory ... that's definitely put me in a better mood now .. now I am sure someone much owe me $5 ...

    Rory wrote:
    As for the other ideas - I certainly like them. In the meantime, we could just do what we did in the old DnR days and have an IRC room (if that's OK with the powers that be).

    W3bbo already setup #channel9 on efnet, and some of use Gabbly so we can chat and watch at the same time ..
  • PhotoSynth: What. How. Why.

    Fantastic - this could be such a good way of recording archaeological sites than the current 2d photos and drawings, I am guessing the moment any archaeologists see this they will be knocking down your door - well done with that ..
  • An interview with Jamie

    I was a bit disappointed with how infrequently you said 'eh'. Definitely a cool way to learn more about niners though ..
  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    littleguru wrote:
    Microsoft loosing another face

    But it'll be great to have Ray Ozzie as CSA - he *knows* about collaboration.  I can't wait for his C9 debut Smiley
  • New Role for Bill in July 2008

    erik_ wrote:
    Can't watch the stream

    Is the download comming soon?

    Works fine here, and I'm on a Mac.
  • Cleartype Team - Typography in Windows Vista

    scobleizer wrote:

    ClearType is not "just" antialiasing. Watch the whole video. Do you see how ClearType uses color? That's not anti-aliasing and why it's better than the Mac's anti-aliasing scheme.

    I know it is sub-pixel rendering which allows them to use the three colours in any pixel to fool your eyes into seeing the end result.

    Apple knows about sub-pixel rendering (Woz believes he was using it a long time ago), unfortunately an existing patent at Microsoft means they would have to licence it and I do not believe it is clear to them that they have permission to use it after Microsoft's investment in them.

    I did make the point that it was my opinion, maybe my eyes are just screwed?  I've seen cleartype at work, as you know I work on both macs and windows every day, and it is certainly crisper, but my point was that this doesn't necessarily make it easier for *everyone* to read.  I'm not dissing cleartype, I was just questioning the comment that it is the best way for everyone to read on-screen.

    scobleizer wrote:

    Also, you missed his whole point. Apple tries to make its fonts be faithful to print fonts. Microsoft tries to make its fonts readable on screen.

    I didn't miss that, and I understand the point .. I like wasting paper as little as the next person, but *currently* on Windows I tend to print out word docs more than I print out docs on my mac.  I admit one out of a cast of millions is not a very good metric Smiley

    scobleizer wrote:

    We have a lot of Macs at Microsoft and know its OS well

    At least the Office team do - WMP on OSX is a *mess*. I pause a video and then press play and have to resize the window to see the video change - from the local disk - WTF?!? And about another dozen silly 'features'.  But I don't want to turn this into an OSX rant.

    Overall I take the point that cleartype is much better technology than AAT, I just think that blanket statements about more readable than other  OS is a bit silly given the difference in everybodies vision.

    How does ClearType solve the issue of lack of horizontal resolution?  I will get around to watching the last 30 minutes of the video .. so just tell me to stfu if it is explained further on.