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  • IE 9 Performance Pipeline Overview

    Hey Charles, amm when you get a chance.. can you ask them about what they are planning about the performance of UI? Smiley


    I understand performance of javascript and rendering is important, but all these things are already good enough for me in IE8. What I /really/ want is new tabs popping up instantly (now you have to wait one second or more just so that tab shows in the tab bar), IE not half-freezing if internet connection becomes a bit slower and similar.

  • Microsoft Contributes Code to the Linux Kernel

  • Don Box and Chris Anderson: Happy Birthday Channel 9!

    Happy bday Channel 9 and congrats for making this site so super great and fun as it is. Smiley
  • Inside IE 8 RC1 with Dean Hachamovitch and Jason Upton

    So I hope  Dean Hachamovitch or Jason Upton or anyone else in IE team reads this because I want to tell them, and I'm sorry for harsh words, that if I were their boss I'd fire them. Because you absolutely deserve it for not fixing the 'bmp pictures' bug.

    An hour ago I've downloaded IE8 RC1 on 32 bit Vista Business with SP1, fully updated and what bothers me is a bug that was partially responsible for me switching to an alternative browser.  When you right click on picture and select 'Save As Picture' the only available format is bmp file.
    This bug cannot be always reproduced, it's affected by header information that comes with picture, but personally I can always reproduce this bug on this site. I've looked for a solution on internet, but it seems they are all written for older versions of either IE or OS - deleting temporary files doesn't work and it's not possible to empty 'Downloaded Program Files' folder under Vista as is suggested in KB article.

    Now I've done some research (read googling) and it seems the error is caused because IE sometimes (I guess probably for perfomance reasons - to save memory in ram) discards original format and keeps only bitmap representation that is convenient beacause this is format that can be displayed with the least amout of cpu processing. I'm fine with that, but why couldn't you redownload image when user selects 'Save As Picture' menu  - or at least convert it back into original format if resending picture file is not possible. If you click 'Properties' on that same menu, IE reports original format (so IE certainly has some knowledge about format of original format), so why not convert it back - I don't really mind artifacts that will come with encoding back bitmap to original lossy format (like jpg).
    I can't stand BMP files on my disk - you may think it's good enough, it gives you few megabytes smaller memory footprint (but you already eat tens of megabytes), problem is everybody else does it correctly - Firefox, Opera, Chrome and others. 

    You could say I'm a bit of ms fanboy, you don't see me using that tone often - but really - it's either you are doing this intentionally and aiming for cheap way to lose few megabytes in memory with too aggreessive cache regime , or - and there is argument for this, you are not doing this on purpose and are just too incompetent to fix this bug that, according to previously mentioned KB article, has been plaguing IE since July 2000 - when IE 5.5 was released. 8 years.

    Again sorry for angry words, but it's about time you fix this bug - otherwise IE is great, I love accelerators.
  • Welcome Dan Fernandez to the Channel 9 Team!

    Welcome, awesome to have you here. Smiley
  • My computer won't boot and I need my data!?! - Tugboat Enterprises Selkie Rescue can save the day!

    Well thanks for not explaing how it works.. Is it basic live unix with ntfs-3g and Samba or can it actually recover damaged (ntfs) drive? Maybe formatted drive? 
    Else I can insert my own live distro cd at boot time or just take out hard drive and insert it into healthy pc.

  • Simon ​Peyton-​Jones: Towards a Programming Language Nirvana

    awesome Smiley

    Heh, coincidentally just two days ago I became interested in Haskell - and GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler) in particular. I think I'm going to learn it someday when I have more free time.
    It's great to see the man behind GHC that has made a lot of work for it. Wish you luck. 

    Big Smile
  • Vertigo Software: I See Dead People with WPF

    I've tried it on Vista and it works fine, but on XP I have few annoying troubles with graphics. Anyone experiencing same thing?
  • Luke Hoban: Orcas - Compiling LINQ, C# Futures, Intellisense

    Nice video. Smiley

    If anybody know, I would be very thankful if someone could explain me speed implications of the LINQ.

    I've watche the video and it seems LINQ uses a lot of lambda functions, which I suspect are stack based. So are the linq expressions as fast as normal hand coded loops or they abuse stack and are thus slow. Can JIT compiler/Linq somehow inline those lambda functions to avoid suffering from stack over-use?

    Or in other words, can I use linq for some serious math computations as a replacement for 'while' and 'for' statement?

    Thanks for any answers. Big Smile
  • Popfly

    Great video, popfly will realy rock when it comes out Big Smile

    One thing bothers me though - I am not that much of a web developer although I have some experiences, just not with ASP.NET/web services etc - I am kinda basic scripting lanuage+sql guy. So the question is - do I need IIS/Windows machine to run Popfly? Or is it completely static content and you can run it from let's say OpenBSD with Apache/Lighttpd (that's what I would do) so everything is executed on client machine in a browser? 
    Where is it  hosted/executed? Thx for answers Smiley

  • Conversation with Soma: Orcas Beta 1 and Beyond

    Great video. Thanks Soma and Charles Smiley

  • MSDN Wiki Projects - #1 - Saying Hello

    Rory wrote:
    So what am I here about...

    Video stopped at 6:24 with Rory trying to say something, looks like we missed something. Is this really the end of the interview or error in video editing?

    We want happy ending Sad

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