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  • Defrag: Windows Search, Delaying Windows Update, Reboot Requirements

    Hey Larry and Gov, days ago first located your incredibly informative "The Defrag Show"! Wow, what a learning experience for me that you guys graciously share.

    Have a Genuine Win 7 Ultimate dual booted with Win 8 Dev on a self build desktop that hackers and whackers have long-enjoyed attacking Win 7 via remote access. At this writing, kinda think Gov previously shared unique method for controlling the remote malicious attackers when he shared how to disable Admin account. Must admit, I admire their whacking knowledge. Currently, Prob Steps Recorder has been recording for 02:06, and continues recording... Seriously, believe Microsoft will learn new methods for protecting OS security secondary to my submitted data. On the other hand, appears Win 8 is the ultimate resolution.

    FYI, have two year old Sony Laptop, Intel i7, for a personal learning experience performed clean install of Dev 8. Had only one very minor print driver conflict that rapidly Win 8 resolved. Laptop and desktop use same gateway router, at this writing, the malicious remote whacker hackers have not compromised laptop, and believe me they have tried and continue trying.

    Again, Thank You for Sharing Valuable Knowledge !!!

    Respectfully, rv3