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  • Andy Wilson - First look at MSR's "touch light"

    Forget about any type of bussiness app, I can see myself browsing the complete internet with this type of interface. (isn't that what Tom Cruise did in Minority Report? Lookup information in some sort of document style app? Can't remember myself)

    Mapping sites, pages and links into 3D space
    Being able to move them around and manipulate each page as a window on the screen.

    Now that would be a killer app; a 3D browser with this interface.

    Andy: question? When looking at the video, the camera images seem to have some sort of 3D effect. I would assume that with goggles, real 3D could be achieved.
    Is there any thinking going on about that? (I did not yet read the paper)
  • Scott Currie - Demo of Quake on .NET

    Frankie Fresh wrote:

    Seriously, was there any reason for using C++ over any other language?  Aside from the fact that the original Quake code was likely C++ and porting it to C++.NET was the shortest path.

    Since the original source code is all C++; this was 'merely' loading that code base into a Visual C++ solution, build it (fixing some issues), test it (fixing some other issues) and TADA... Quake.NET

    I would assume that taking the C++ code and converting it to C# would take as much effort as the Java implementation.

    Frankie Fresh wrote:

    What is the deal with performance? Is C++.NET the best?

    Yes, the C++ compiler still has some very nifty tricks up its sleeve. It is still the best compiler around. But that might change when all compilers (including the JIT) move to Phoenix:

    Kang Su Gatlin - "Phoenix," next-generation compiler