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Rukur Rukur

Niner since 2011

  • Defrag: Windows 10, Minecraft, Edison Robot, EMET and more...

    I put Windows 10 in a VM.

    Huge problem is Windows 7 and aero looks so elegant when tweaked. Windows 8 looked horrible and windows 10 is the same. Its butt ugly on a PC. I can see you need cut down UI for tablets and phones. But on my desktop I want to too look good.

    Worst feature is white background windows and no usable way to change it.


  • Ping 188: Cortana for all, Nokia wins, IMAP support, iPad trade ins

    So a huge nerf bat is needed to swing .Striking down somebody that doesn't agree.

    The nerf bat of mass destruction. OMG it is a BFG.

    I feel my days numbered. I face digital death with caps on. Sad


  • Ping 187: Microsoft isn't stupid, NFL hits, Skype with your eyes, Xbox One date announced

    Ok I agree Mark is way too nice and he got railroaded into orange !.

    Don't let Laura tell you how to dress mate. 

    Happy B'day Skype. I missed your young P2P performance. /wave NSA.

    I patent kinect facelift skype. 




  • Defrag: CEO Changes, Pinning Sites, Form Factor Via CMD

    Its interesting now to watch videos where we were able to follow the mouse and copy.

    Now you have these new keyboard only shortcuts. Why not call out keyboard key strokes your doing. I mean everything just pops up now like magic.


  • Ping 182: Legos & Robots, Bing search, Xbox One Domain name, Kinect spy?

    In the end why put your stuff in the cloud.

    Give it to companies and therefore the USA government.... Or don't.

    I know companies have brain washed the young mass's into putting everything including there crimes online, Police just have to scan facebook too get their quota.from the young.

    But just don't use cloud services and they will die. They only exist because there profitable.

    We are the silly sheep. Bleet all you want.


  • Ping 180: Tech Ed, Xbox One, Windows 8.1, Bing Translator

    G'day. Love the show. Laura's personality always breaks a smile on my face.

    Xbox resale is very bad when you consider the competitions sharing and resale are unrestricted. People who watch money when buying games may switch because of this alone.

    As a desktop Windows user only. I'm not going to repeat what all desktop users are screaming other than to say bring on update 8.3 where the start menu and metro apps are on the desktop in windows where we want them.

    Im a big fan of the Xbox One and may well get a console for the first time just for the TV / Media functionality if it pans out how I hope. For gaming I cant bring myself to leave the mouse and keyboard that suit my games far better. I am glad that consoles have moved closer to PC's so that cross platform games now will have more access to use the storage and memory available on PC's that the last gen console where crippled with.

    Sorry for the negativity. I love the show and have watched it from the start. Microsoft has just made some controversial choices that will have to platy out now.

  • Windows 95 Start button

    For windows 8 you will need the arrow to move to the corner 6 pixels. Its a hard target when there are 1920 x 1200 on a desktop monitor.


  • Defrag: Sleeping media server, Random Restarts, Kinect Chats

    I like the show. Watched all of them.

    In regards to Windows 8. I would like to put out a man vs desktop challenge to Gov. Do an show using Windows 8 on your Laptop and see if all the viewers agree the desktop / laptop expirence is better now.

    You can most likely sence I do not like windows 8 as a desktop user.

    Can you dog food your product for one show ?

    I expect you will need LOTS of metro blocks or more likely rely on text search to get to apps. I am finding it very hard to beat the windows 7 desktop enviroment in windows 8 preview.

  • Verve: A Type Safe Operating System

    Thanks for your time Chris. I hope you push Verve further into a real OS.


    Look forward to hearing more.