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  • Inside C# 4.0: dynamic typing, optional parameters, covariance and ​contravaria​nce

    Looks like you guys want to have the cake and eat it too Smiley
    From what you guys say, C# is moving from a pure classical language to add features of prototypical languages like javascript.

    Will you guys also be using JSON style name/value pairs to create heirarchical data structures with the "dynamic" data type?  I am guessing you will allow the developers to also "augment" the "dynamic" data type in a similar fashion.  If you do, how are you going to provide for encapsulation (everything is public access)

    The covariance and contravariance stuff is cool.  When I saw the example, I was thinking "duh, but of course"

    I like the optional/default parameters and named parameters too.  I have been wanting that for atleast 4 years now Smiley

    Keep rocking