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  • Active Directory Performance ​Troubleshoo​ting: LSASS high CPU or high memory condition ​troubleshoo​ting

    Great talk!

  • Hardcore Debugging

    Fantastic job, Andrew.  This is one of my very favorite NT tech videos of all time.


  • Inside Windows 8: Pedro Teixeira - Thread pools

    Fantastic video.  I agree that the complexity level was just right; enough to be educational, but not too pedantic.  I very much appreciate it.

  • Defrag Tools: #8 - Mark Russinovich

    Great video.  Thanks Mark and thanks Defrag team.

    I'm still chomping at the bit for part two of Win Internals 6th ed.  I have to admit, I felt a pang of sadness when you said you wouldn't be working on another edition of Windows Internals.  Not that anyone could blame you, as I know you're all about Azure now, and there's no doubt the Azure team is better for that.

    The 6th edition has been my first edition, and I felt like I got here late to the party, just as it was ending, as this book has been solid gold to me.  It's been exactly the kind of material that I soak up like a sponge.  I just really hope that someone can fill your shoes, pick up where you left off, and carry the torch of explicating the next generation of Windows Internals for the masses!

    That said, I'm also super excited to see what innovations Azure brings to the market. I'm a huge fan of cloud technologies, and they're keeping me employed right now, so I'm always looking for the newest and most exciting developments to come out of this industry.

    I also know that you will not stop writing tools.  Wherever you are, you'll keep writing tools to make whatever space you're in a better, more efficient, more informative, all around cooler place to be.

    After all, making tools is what really separates us from animals!