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  • Defrag Tools: #72 - Message Analyzer - Part 2

    Well, Paul I have now installed message analyzer and the issues that I was referring to are no longer a problem, it looks like they must have been cleared up, since the last time I looked at the documentation, it may have just been that I needed to restart the server or something, it is working fine on server 2012R2 for me now. Thank you for the tool...more things to learn for me now!

  • Defrag Tools: #71 - Message Analyzer - Part 1

    Excellent, please have Paul go through the known issues, as they have kept me from installing this tool.  I see that the download comes with a known issues document, and I remember that a couple may have seemed a little serious back then, maybe they have resolved some issues by now.  thank you

  • Defrag Tools: #70 - Windows 8.1 - Interop Crash

    I love it, Larry plays it off great but I think his brain was bubbling and his head was going to spin around like BeetleJuice from all the code jargon.  You could almost picture his eyes spinning like cookie monster as he nods along to everything Andrew explains.,  LOL

    just kidding Larry, If you aren't a programmer, it is hard to comprehend most of that stuff.  Happy Holidays

  • Defrag Tools: #67 - Windows 8.1 - Background Task Hang

    Chad Beeder is the Man!

    Happy Holidays guys, hopefully you will eventually get back to square one and show us slowly how to debug a desktop app with windbg and also I would love to learn how to debug with Visual Studio, as it is much different from Windbg.

  • Defrag Tools: #68 - Windows 8.1 - HTTP Request Crash

    Still cannot develop any windows 8.1 apps.  Unable to deploy the apps, because of DEP0700 RDSAppXNotify errors on both my windows 8.1 laptops.  Really ned help with this one.  I ahve tried also on visual studio 2012 with windows 8 apps. same problem, Cannot deploy anything, even the basic sample apps.  Please tell me what this can be.  Talk about frustrating.  I can develop win32 apps, but no modern apps.  What could be blocking the registration and deployment.  I am sure that I am doing everything right, as I could devlop on windows .  I have also tried reinstalling visual studio on both machines, repairing, etc.  I cannot find any posts about RDSAppXnotifyTrigger.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


    P.S.  Are window s.1 apps deployed to appdata?  Is  there anyway to change where I deploy them to, like Program data or can I choose at least to not use AppData.  I have a feeling that my software restriction policies that are blocking Cryptolocker may be interfering with these appx deployment, however I can run Windows 8.1 apps no problem from the store and from the start menu, plus I have tried turning off the group policies that block unrecognized apps from executing from AppData, so I kind of ruled that out.  However there is nothing else different on my machines.


  • Defrag Tools: #57 - New Job, New Systems, 2 Questions and 2 Crashes

    My machines have 16gb of ram so I cannot choose complete memory dump correct?  I remember reading somewhere that if you have more than 4 gb of ram than you can not choose complete memory dump, is this still true for win8 and win8.1?  Another problem, I have noticed is that windows 8.1 and server2012 r2 do not allow you to upgrade and keep your applications, I know that this is not your guys domain, but it is annoying, I am working on a way to allow it to keep my programs installed since I cannot get access to my Adobe desktop apps anymore since the creative cloud garbage has taken over, i dont want to lose my master collection.

  • Defrag Tools: #53 - Crashes, Hangs and Slow Performance

    Larry, Dont you prefer large screen machines to that tiny little thing.  this is the problem i have with surface, its too small, they need to make a Surface Laptop with a 17 inch screen 


  • Defrag: Deprecated HW, Deleted Partition, Disabling Right Click Animation

    As far as the Ubuntu problem, Try this free program from Neosmart Technologies called EasyBCD. I just used it yesterday because i had the same problem, it lets you create the ubuntu entry in the BCD, then I used this article for setting it to the correct loader file for Ubuntu.  This was for Wubi, but you can do the same thing if you have a regular Ubuntu partition as well. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/20340/how-to-restore-the-wubi-ubuntu-bootloader/

    edit: i thought you lost your bootloader, thats what it sounded like when i watched the show, now that i read the notes, this may or may not help. good luck