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  • ASP.NET MVC With Community Tools Part 7: ie9ify

    @BrSatrom: You're right eventually I figured out that I was using the wrong .js file.  Take a look at the JQuery plugins site; I believe you link to 3 different zip files there, 2 of which I believe are missing code.  I just pop them open and search for "isPinned".  It's not found in 1.2 zip and in one of the 1.0 zips.

    BTW, I played with this in my webforms project and it's great, thank you.  Just that Windows Auth issue I posted about on the codeplex site.

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  • ASP.NET MVC With Community Tools Part 7: ie9ify

    Those that are wondering, the source is available at the above codeplex site when you download the zip file.  Also just a warning to those trying this out, I somehow managed to download a version that didn't have all the methods implemented so I was getting all sorts of errors.  Then I downloaded the latest and everything worked fine.