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SEP2007 SEP2007 "Give Everything Its Home"
  • Clustering and Mirroring

    I was listening to a radio station on dot net, caledl .Net Rocks.

    There was a guy who wrote in an email about a problem about Clustering and Mirroring with large databases.

    I sounded quite interesting.

    Anyways, the guy was asking if someone from Microsoft could answer the problem / issue.

    It sounds quite interesting and is in the 6th to 10th minute of the show.

    It's a great radio station (I think). It's www.dotnetrocks.com

    The show will be put into the archives as of this Monday, and the problem may be resolved by next weeks show, i.e. +this+ (19th Febuary) Monday.

    So it would be interesting to see what happened.

  • wpf richtextbox

    I don't know if this is the right answer. But in VB you can do a method called LoadFile(filename), if that is any help.

  • Sound Recorder


  • Sound Recorder

    I've just got a microphone for the computer and have been using the sound recorder that comes with XP, but it only records 60 seconds of sound at one time.

    Can anyone recommend a software package I could use to record sound for longer periods of time ?

  • Windows 386 Promotional Video!

    That was awful.

  • /


  • Notes - Plain Text Editor

    Have downloaded you text editor, It looks nice. Very plain and simple.


  • Not Serious - Foolish, Try Catch

    I don't have visual studio.

    I only have VB 2005 Express Edition.

    IDE Macros aren't on it ?

  • Clock

    It worked

  • Not Serious - Foolish, Try Catch

    W3bbo wrote:
    SEP2007 wrote:Try
    Catch ex as Exception
    Msgbox ex.message
    End Try

    was reformmated as


                                         Catch Ex as Exception
                                           Msgbox ex.message


    End Try

    Its a little over the top here but I'm just trying to get across a basic principle. That you could have more than just tabs as formatting.
    And you could specify your own formating rules. And perhaps have different formatting rule (auto-formatting) for say, Events, Subs, Functions, For, While, etc.

    Does that make sense ?

    You can do all that with IDE Macros.

    Ok thanks, can I do it in the VB editor ? Can I have the Macros working in the VB editor ?


    Have been looking at it, I think i can.