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  • Clock

    In Vb can anyone help with how to create a form that has a clock in it. So I can use it to tell the time.

    Do I need to create a thread when the form loads ?

    Or is there a clock obect with a tick event that I can use ?
    Is this the right approach ?

  • Rich Text Box Font


    aFont = New Font (created from font "world") with attibutes ("font-type","size,"style")

    a New font is born.

    -> then assigned to RichTextBox.

    poor font.

  • Rich Text Box Font

    I think that i get it.

    a font is an object, a non-divisable object.

    so you can't change the name of the font, you have to change the font, by creating a New font.


  • Rich Text Box Font


  • Rich Text Box Font

    a bit confused now.

    i understand that I could in theory,

    *set* the font name.

    and that doing so I would have to , inform the r.t.b to update itself.

    I just don't really, (or am trying to) understand *why* i have to do it that way [ first message ] .

    I seem right to do it that way.

  • Rich Text Box Font

    But if the rich text box has a font object *as part of it* (?)

    I.e. it uses a font object within its make-up

    Why can't I access that ?

    I know what you are saying. Your right. I'm just wonder why ?

    Or change the attribute of the font object that it points to ?

    The Font object has to be there ?????

    It makes sense the way that you do it. but ?

    Is it only text fields that you can change directly, everything else more complex, you have to create another instance of the class, an other object.

  • Rich Text Box Font

    Thanks, its good to start to understand why.

  • Live Audio feed of Ocean

    Thanks, i'll have to down load real player..

    looks nice.


  • Live Audio feed of Ocean

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a site where I can get a live audio feed of the ocean (waves) ????

  • Rich Text Box Font

    Can anyone tell me why in VB I have to go

    Me.RichTextBox1.Font = New Font("Times New Roman", 12, FontStyle.Regular)

    And not

    Me.RichTextBox1.Font = Font.Times New Roman


    Me.RichTextBox1.Font = Font("Times New Roman", 12, FontStyle.Regular)