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Son VoBa (SVoBa)

Son VoBa (SVoBa) SVoBa

Niner since 2011

Son VoBa is a Program Manager in the Cloud & Enterprise Windows Server & System Center organization at Microsoft Corporation.

Prior to joining Microsoft in 2000, Son had spent 20 years at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), which later was acquired by Compaq Corporation. While there, in a number of individual contributor and technical lead roles, he developed operating systems software in the areas of networking and communications subsystems for TOPS-10/20 36-bit large computer systems, VAXclusters and their management subsystems, VMS high-speed enterprise printing systems, and Alpha Windows NT drivers.

Son graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Science and Computer Science. His undergraduate project (under Doug E. Comer) was a typesetting system for Vietnamese and Russian languages designed to run on the CDC 6600 mainframe driving different Versatec electrostatic printer models.

Son received patents for his work at Microsoft in the areas of basic computing, applied RFID in datacenter infrastructure, virtual appliance distribution, applied cryptography for trustworthy computing.

  • Introduction to Work Folders
  • Windows Server App Certification Program
  • Hyper-V Extensible Switch, Part I – Introduction
  • Hyper-V Extensible Switch, Part II – Understanding the Control Path
  • Hyper-V Extensible Switch, Part III – The Ins and Outs of the Data Path for Capture and Filter Extensions
  • Remote Access - Ease of Deployment
  • Networking Capabilities for Apps in Windows 8
  • Certifying with the Windows Server 8 Minimal Server Interface
  • Configuring Optimal Transport Parameters for High-Latency Networks
  • Windows Server 8 Partners Speak

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