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David Oliver Sabot My name is Dave Oliver. I'm a Technical Architect

Niner since 2004

I was a developer sometime ago, nowadays I'm an Architect that likes to stay on top of what is going on by hearing what you guys have to say.


  • Bug Killer – A Channel 9 Halloween special

    Dan - you've missed your calling mate! Should have been an actor!

  • The Labs of Microsoft Hardware 1 of 6

    This is going to be a very interesting set of video's if the first one is anything to go by.


    I was surprised that the range of tests the humble mouse under goes was that sophisticated. It has given me a little more respect for it.

  • Christian Kleinerman: Introduction to SQL Server Project Madison

    Right to my questions ...


    • How does Madison work? - Can I really 'scale-out' a database easily? - The video explains that very well thanks Christian!
    • Will I need to design my database schema's and write my queries to work sympathetically with Madison? - Will Madison mean changes to the syntax in LINQ and SQL? - It does mean that some SQL statement will need to evolve?
    • Does Madison come with it's own toolset ... can I still use the existing BI toolset that comes with SQL Server 2008 EE?
    • How does the 'Landing Zone' work? - Will I need to reengineer my ETL/SSIS queries to work with it?
    • How can I avoid 'Fork-Lift' upgrades?
    • Will Madison work in a heterogeneous BI stack? Will it play nice with SAP, Oracle & Cognos?
    • Madison software and hardware are linked together, so what does this mean to the support life-cycle? i.e. Microsoft typically support software for 8 years, HP warrantee their hardware for 5 years?
    • How quickly can Madison recover in DR scenario's such as Data-Centre outage or one of the servers fails?
    • SQL Server 2008 isn't support clustering across different subnets (however Windows 2008 is) does Madison still have the same issue?
    • Does Madison work with all the new SQL Server 2008 features such as Resource Govenor and Policy Manager?
    • How can I backup Madison? Will it work with DPM (System Centre Data Protection Manager)?


      So I've got afew still to answer before I can design an Architecture ... but I have Ian Giles and Mark Anderson from UK SQL Server/Madison team coming to see me tomorrow ! C9/Microsoft listens! - I'm stoked! Thanks Guys

  • Christian Kleinerman: Introduction to SQL Server Project Madison

    Thanks Charles & Christian, this is a very helpful video. It answered a great deal of my questions.


    I can't wait to see this working, so I'm very much looking forward to the next video.



  • 10-4 Episode 22: Simplifying Data-Driven Web Applications

    Cool! I've been waiting for this feature for a long time! How much code is this going to save? Allot.

    It's still kinda clunky to marry the form up with the metadata buddy class, it would be nice if the form had an extra property that guided it to the buddy class instead of having to work out how to do it in code. Now all we need is a nice editor!

    I've been enjoying these 10-4 shows, keep it up!


  • John Shewchuk and Dennis Pilarinos: BizTalk Services Explained

    Perhaps we can help out with some naming suggestions?

    Here are afew I've thought of ...

    .NetFX Discussion Services
    CakeCom ... because it's as simple as

    Gosh, I really hope this is in Orcas! My reasoning is because if it's there Devs will use it. If it's not many Dev's won't know of it's existence and try and write there own. If it's intention is to be free then why not bundle it in, hey it could even be another selling point (like Orcas needed any more!)

  • John Shewchuk and Dennis Pilarinos: BizTalk Services Explained

    That is an impressive demo!!! The potential of this is very far reaching specially in the SOA space.

    Anyway I have some questions if that’s ok, and they are …

    So what is the performance like?
    How far can I scale this?
    Can I get this to work with (W)WF?
    Can I do async or long running communications with this technology?
    Have you tried connecting this to Java and other non-Microsoft technologies?
    Isn’t calling this technology ‘Biztalk Connectivity Services’ going to get it confused with the full Biztalk product? Specially if there is no migration strategy from one to the other?

    I’m pretty excited about this … and I have a 100 more questions but that’s enough to be getting on with for now.

  • Next Generation User Group: Helping Developers Stay Ahead of the Curve - Part 1

    NxtGenUG is totally cool!

    If you are serious about your .Net coding then you shouldn't miss out on this very special user group.

    It's informative, good fun, wacky, not London-centric ... it keeps you ahead of the curve.
  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    Guys lets not get derailed here! Don't feed the troll.

    Eagle pack it in! If you want to make a statement, make a thread and answer comments in the normal way, don't be disruptive and take threads off track to fulfil your own agenda.


    Back to the point, what makes the DDD model successful?

    1) Completely community run event

    2) Different user groups coming together and push in the same direction.

    3) Community speakers with real world experience this makes credibility

    4) Informative and popular sessions because the community votes for the sessions they want

    5) Good venue, it's not central but it is very easy to get to and the rooms are good.

    6) Supportive sponsors that allow a very high degree of freedom and autonomy

    So what have I missed ?

    The thing is that it's a simple format and there is no reason it couldn't be copied else where by different countries or communities.

  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    Back on track now ...

    One of the best things I love about user groups is that they give the opportunity for anyone to try their hand at speaking. Many groups have latched onto this with a 15 min 'nugget' talk at the beginning of an evening.

    Now I'm going to do my first 'nugget' in Jan at my local user group and it's my first public presentation.

  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    footballism wrote:
    We have too many brits on Channel9 really


    We do have Brits on here because the language used on the forum is predominately English, because of this it can seem that there are a lot of us, but I like to think we are a friendly bunch and we are as open minded and ready to listen to what you have to say as the next person. So fire away and keep on posting my friend!

  • UK Community: ​Developer​Developer Day

    There is so much to stuff into a day, it's is almost like it could spread in two days now.

    blowdart wrote:
    And after An_Angel and I borrowed the camera ...

    DDD4 :
    DDD4 : "Borrowing the C9 Camera"

    I almost made it ! I almost didn't get involved in any more video's!

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