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David Oliver Sabot My name is Dave Oliver. I'm a Technical Architect
  • SQL Azure ... 50GB limit?

    Hi All,


    Yep, it's been awhile since I was on here. Other stuff going on in my life has been taking priority but it's all going to settle down now and I have a bit more time to concentrate on the tech matters of the day .... so did you miss me? Wink


    Anyhoo, I have a multi TB database monster that is looking for a home. So one of the great things about the Cloud is that you don't have to host stuff yourself you effectively rent it fom someone else so you don't have to come up with the mega-money to  build a farm that will handle this kind of monster. So why oh why is there a 50GB limit on SQL databases? ... this is sooooo small!


    So please, please, please Microsoft can we up the limit on SQL Azure so I can give my monsters a new home!

  • HP Slate Dead?

    Ok, so I've spoken to afew contacts I have in HP and they have confirmed the HP Slate is still a go!


    One said that the pre-sales teams will get their hands on them next month and then can start taking them out to customers, so I will hopefully get to play with one ... just as well I have a mobility project where this product would be ideal.

  • Architecture of Enterprise Applications

    ... and then employee me! I design systems like this all day every day!


    The first question is .... how much budget can you cost justify? Remember the only rules in big system design are time/money/rules of physics/justification


    The next questions are .... what are the non-functional requirements, what is the service level then what should the system do?


    Now you can design your system.


    ... and now I'm going to help you cheat .... speak to these guys! SQLCAT .... 50k users is nothing, they've helped design Microsoft.com, Bing.com and MySpace.com all with just afew more users every minute!

  • So, UK 9ers : the New Dr Who Thread (no sploilers, please)

    Ian2 said:

    Had friends round last night so couldn't watch it.  About to sit down with the kids and watch ....

    I was out at wedding lastnight, so had one too many beerios however, it's on the SkyHD planner ready for tonight!


    On Twitter this morning some of the comments I read were ... better than RTD! (Thank Gud!).... bow-tie = bad .... music was poor .... not sure about the new Tardis makeover.

  • If you weren't a developer, what would you be doing instead?

    I was in the Army before I was medically discharged ( I was run-over) so I wound up as a developer not being my first choice.


    I think people are developers on a step to somewhere, it's not a destinaton like it used to be. Why? Well I think that coding has lost it's cool.


    I love being a Architect but I'm crossing ove to the darkside and entering management ... but I'm still coming here. Being a good *whatever* in tech means that you need to see things from other points of view.

  • Why is this site always so slow to load?

    Hmmmm, I live in a rural part of the UK where I just about get a 1MB connection.


    Channel9 hardly ever takes very long to load at all but it's either fast or just never loads. Now I can't put the not loading down to C9 as there is 16 hopes between me and Microsoft ... and MS sites aren't the only ones that have this problem.

  • Same ol - same ol - on c9

    Hmmmm, I suppose I'm one of those 'old' posters then Jamie!? ....ok I'm 40 this year so I'll let you have that!


    I think with any forum the real 'wheat' is left behind ... the chaff comes and goes.


    On a more serious note, social networking has shown that different types of Web communication comes in waves. People like to be involved in the next big thing to get a bit of reflection 'yeah I'm cool, I use Google Buzz' for example. But the people that constantly use more established types such as Forums, for example, do so because they are getting something more out of it that is greater than trying to be cool.


    I lurk here because this is a place where trusted, inteligent people I know and respect leave their opinions on the latest developments in all things web. Well doh .... people pay good money for this kind of thing!


    I think to continue to make C9 great we concentrate on this strength bring news here and comment on it .... so carry on challenging us you miserable old Canadian ... I put it down to the weather! Devil

  • New Toy

    Pros ....

    I have an iPhone 3G and I love buying software for £0.59p from the AppStore.

    The UI is slick and a joy to use.


    Cons ....


    But I'm sick of the dependency on rubbish iTunes and I would like to leave the walled garden of Apple and have some more choice and control.

    I hate that I can't organise the icons to anything other than moving them around from page to page.


    The iPhone is a sexy good looking phone but it is becoming to look dated. The 3GS was just a stop gap to buy time but we aren't going to see a new iPhone this year.

  • Future Shock (iPad)

    Isn't it nice to have some competition?

  • Future Shock (iPad)

    CannotResolveSymbol said:
    Sabot said:

    A "minor grumble" (that Microsoft and the manufacturers treat tablet/slate computing just like any other PC, and don't provide any kind of optimized experience for them) has kept tablet computing from going mainstream.  Hardly sounds "minor" to me.

    What are you talking about !?