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David Oliver Sabot My name is Dave Oliver. I'm a Technical Architect
  • Microsoft in future.

    Japan_Germany has a point. In Germany Microsoft isn't King just a very strong contender. Just ask Munchen Met Council, they have 10,000 Linux desktops.

    But do you know why? People realising a better product? So yes, most no. It's all about Money my friend.

    Airbus are taking Boeings market because it's cheaper than Boeing.

    Linux has market share because of how much it doesn't cost.

    People will move or stay on a platform for two top reasons.

    1) Easy. ie easy to use (those two big watch words that sell big, 'friendly' and 'familiar') and easy to learn
    2) Cost

    If Linux was easer to use, and easier to convert to and cost next to nothing to migrate, then the whole world would have done it by now. Believe me the world moves fast when something better is around. But it hasn't!

    Why, because Linux isn't as easy to use and it does cost money in the bigger picture.

    Asia may produce a great version of Linux and so may Germany and I'm sure they will be popular. But that doesn't mean it will sell well in UK or the USA.

    So Microsoft ... stay frostie if you wish to continue to enjoy being top of the pile, and people like MiamiJJs and myself will continue to ride the wave just behind.

  • An Open Letter to Mr. Gates

    No point in looking into the crystal ball here guys.

    For my five penth, for what its worth. I remember a time in the computer industry before Microsofts ruled the waves and it was a world full of machines that didn't talk to each other and as friendly as a nest of snakes which would cost an arm and a leg. Lets not do a history lesson here, but my point is that Microsoft was in the right place at the right time, and has taken full advantage.

    Microsoft has grown very rapidly and has by it's own admission made mistakes almost like a child. But now we are experiencing Microsoft maturing, coming of age if you like.

    Some of us really like the change, specially if you are in the full glow and it cool to have so much focus. It's a good feeling knowing that you are getting somewhere. .Net is a good development environment, very little is on a par, VB and VC++ had issues. .Net goes not have all that baggage. This is the difference. .Net does it well and I look forward to it continuing from being a good business application builder to a great all rounder. The secret will be balance. Power v Productivity. Keeping that balance is not completely up to Microsoft, it can't do it on it's own, it's up to us to feed back.

    Now this is the real difference ... can you hear that? ... it's people have a conversation, people talking and people listening ... this is the difference.

    So pull up a chair, and lets talk ...

  • Roll call - tell us who you are!

    Hello !

    I'm Dave Oliver, Software Architect for a large UK company.

    I design and build 24/365 enterprise system, been pushing the G with Microsoft kit for over 10 years.

    .Net for me is a coming of age for Microsoft and I love it!

    Outside of work, Lou and I are planning our wedding in July this year. My days of beer fueled nights are coming to an end! Smiley



  • DBAs in the house?

    I'm getting my head round this SQLX at the mo! It's going to be good, there is an article in this months VSJ.

    Could you imagine putting <WebMethod> infront of your store procedure 'create procedure' statement to turn the thing into a XML Web Service ... now that would be cool!

    As for Yukon, sounds great, would kind of like to see 'partioning' and 'material views' to a la Oracle. Would be cooler as well if you didn't have to pay extra for it ... a la Oracle!

    What I would most like to see out of Yukom is performance. I would love to see this database be a real speed demon!

  • How to Hate Microsoft?


    Open source is all well and good if it pays the rent and to date I haven't made a penny from my open source code, but plenty of people have taken and used my code, I have an email box full of thank you's.

    I read your post and DaveO's and I'm sorry to say mate, you do go on! Get over it! Move on!

    Microsoft aren't perfect, but as you can see from most of the posts this website isn't all about that. It's about coders listening, understanding and making a difference.

    So m8, stop spinning the boring rhetoric, possitively contribute !!! ... or don't post at all please.