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David Oliver Sabot My name is Dave Oliver. I'm a Technical Architect
  • Future Shock (iPad)

    I think enoughs, enough now on the iPad lets not give the thing any more oxygen of publicity.


    Apple needed to have an answer for Netbooks to prevent people from escaping from Apple-world but they needed a USP so they've turned a minor grumble into a problem to make that edge.


    CannotResolveSymbol said:
    AndyC said:

    But there are already iPhone apps for that sort of thing, and they will no doubt get even better as they're updated for the iPad itself.  Apple's very much taking the "build it and they will come" approach here...  the proliferation of iPhone apps shows that this is plausible.

    Apple is looking for a device to lock-in the book readers now. It's a multi-billion dollar business. Apple's got the music market at it's knees and is still working on the film/tv market with the AppleTV.


    But this device is a step too far because it is less than what people expected. A badly named big ol' iPhone doesn't win any prizes.



    *** Please Note: This iPad video is a little in poor taste so please don't watch if you are offended by material on subjects that below the beltline ***


    Another thing Sarah Blow pointed out today is that the iPad has no handwritting recognition software ... abit odd for a pad?

  • Hey Niners, Got any Windows issues we can (try and) solve for you on Help Desk?

    I want to upgrade my work laptop (Lenovo T400) to Windows 7. It currently runs XP Pro. I want to know will the group policies etc still work or is there some gottcha I need to be aware of? I've run the upgrade advisor and it's given me allot of info about programs and drivers just not if it will bust any policies or configurations.

  • Sort a string column in dataview numerically

    ManipUni said:

    Asking to sort a DataView is just asking the wrong question...

    The question you should be asking is how do you sort a DataSet. Since the DataView is just a visual representation of whatever you have in your DataSet.


    If you are putting the data into the DataSet using SQL then obviously the easiest way would be to use an "order by." The DataView's sort events are just generic events for YOU to handle. You have to re-read the data, re-sort, and output a new DataView.


    PS - I actually have no idea what I'm talking about. Smiley

    Manip is right, it is easier to sort the data before it gets into a dataset and even better if the SQL is in a stored proc or view so the SQL optimiser can make a query plan.


    P.S. I do have an idea cos databases are my thing. Smiley


    ... and just to add some value ... these guys are the ones to read if you want to know about how to optimise queries



  • How to multi-value param like SQL Reports in a query?

    Maddus Mattus said:

    I would use a table valued function, that string splits the parameter.


    where field1 in (splitthis(@param1))

    Here you go ! A nice easy tutorial from Microsoft ... http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms345415.aspx



  • SQL Query...​can't seem to wrap my head around this

    Maddus Mattus said:
    ploe said:

    You need to make a cursor and evaluate on a row basis, I dont think it's possible to write this in one query.

    How about using the BETWEEN operator ...





  • Any hope for Freelancer 2?

    W3bbo said:
    klop670 said:

    Because online petitions have ever elicitted a major corporation (who works for its shareholders, not its customers) since when...?

    Petitions work!


    Those 22,000 would most likely part with $40 for a new game, that's $880,000 ... and if that 22,000 was deemed to be representative of a cross section of the majority of the buying public so meaning the possibility of more sales then shareholders would want the opportunity fully investigated.


    Lets be honest here .... it is a cert that Freelancer 2 is going to sell more copies than Afro Samuri or Bullet Witch but it has to appear large enough on MS's radar ... and for that to happen we are going to need 100,000 signatures.

  • Google (Chrome) OS

    exoteric said:
    Sabot said:

    I think you may be underestimating this.

    On the other hand it's far too soon to say much at this point. As for using Google services, I've always been a fan and never fathomed the scare factor of having targetted advertisements with emails. If anything, then the whole notion of hosted data should be considered evil, not the idea of mechanically targetted advertisements. Nonsense.

    Now that said, Microsoft has been dragging me their way with Mesh, SkyDrive and Live services. It still doesn't feel quite as integrated as it could be - in particular Mesh and SkyDrive, but it's quite nice as it is. One thing that might be very nice is a zero-cost "common" file storage - using hashes to "socialize" storage costs for many files - which might actually be what is done already, given that SkyDrive has a generous 25 GB free space.

    As for the browser. Well it is an intriguing idea, but what is perhaps most intriguing is the way it must lead to a more aggressive investment into browser infrastructure (WebKit, V8, ...) and maybe new proposals for recommendations - maybe cleaner architechtures and APIs. We'll see.

    I hear the message, I get the significance, I'm still saying, 'so what?'

    Google dances around the edge of useful.

    They just make a whole bunch of tools, how many are unique? how many of them are the best? how many would you actually use if you had to pay for them?

    ... we let Google off allot because stuff is 'free' ... when search advertising is really paying for it. Google leverage their finances they make by this method to make 'good enough' products place them in markets to weaken other organisations revenue streams because they know 'free' is a great price.

    But I don't want to see innovation like this!

    I want to see Google work more with other organisation (like Oracle, IBM and Microsoft) and build ontop of existing products enchancing them.

    How so?

    Our lifes are made up of data, much of it is duplicated and out of date because we make copies of it at points in time.

    Google is uniquely placed to link the definitive sources of data to everyone who needs to use it, Google could help us find what we are looking for and deliver it in a uniformed way, which we pay them for.

    Google could be the kick-arse search UDDI of the web, but no, they want to play 'we can make stuff better than you' games.

    Can you see my frustration?

    The Internet is big and companies like Google continue to think small ... and they have the assets at their fingers tips to really make a difference.

    My message to Google is simple .... THINK BIGGER, THINK BEYOND I.T.



  • Google (Chrome) OS

    Google has rocked my world *snigger*

    I, like many people actually live a fairly Google free life, I use them for search now and again ... and that's it!

    I can't see an OS gaining any more cred than their mobile phone OS and even if they did it would be in Beta for 5 years.

    Geez! get a grip people, Google is a hype engine.