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  • The Office Show: Microsoft Word

    We've been developing ribbon apps that help users manipulate documents that can range from 2 pages to 3000+ pages.  What has consistently killed us is that when we update the documents using the Word API, word must 'repaginate' for massively extended periods of time.  Even worse, we have to forcefully clear the undo buffer or Word will hang for minutes at a time after we've updated the document in our software.


    We make extensive use of OpenOfficeXml to manipulate these documents and it would be wonderful if instead of hanging and repaginating, the word developers would figure out how to keep this from happening.


    As a side note, the OpenOfficeXml documentation is available in both PDF and Word format.  If you open the document that describes the OpenOfficeXml content, Word is essentially unusable.


    If you think I'm kidding, download the ECMA-376 1st Edition part 4 from



    and attempt to open the "Office Open XML Part 4 - Markup Language Reference.docx" file.


    You will become intimately familiar with "Word is paginating".


    I love the _idea_ of word as a platform for working with professional documents, but the reality is that unless the document is less that 500 pages, it's pointless to work with it.





  • Steve Ballmer - Quick chat with Microsoft's CEO


    "I think developers want to know:  Are you gonna win?"


    Edit:  I do have to say, though.  He kept it to 10 minutes. 

    I'd hate to see how packed his schedule is Smiley

  • Virtual Earth: MSN's answer to Google Maps

    Still downloading the video, but I was wondering if this might push the MSFT stock up in the Google range Smiley