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ScanIAm ScanIAm This is an...
  • Apparently, WMC is no longer part of Win10


    Thanks for the find.  This is exactly what WMC could have been and since it covers the cable-cutters as well, MSFT could have competed in a growing market.  

    Given their track record, though, I imagine it would have done something goofy and counterproductive to ruin the experience with each release.

    I am Scan's rage filled angst.


  • Apparently, WMC is no longer part of Win10

    The problem is that there is no good alternative to what WMC provided.  Plenty of hardware companies claim they'd like to create a replacement, but if MSFT couldn't influence Comcast, then it's pretty unlikely that Ceton or the HDHomeRun folks would have a chance. 

    And even if they did, that would only get us to the point where we had a DVR that WE owned and could have some measure of control over.  As of Win 8, the various extenders don't work, and the attempts at replacements (Ceton's for example) has loads of problems.

    There is literally nothing out there that matches an Xbox + WMC for this functionality.  Comcast's DVR requires you to have multiple boxes in each room, but you cannot buy them and you cannot 'share shows' between them.  If you record downstairs, you'd best be watching downstairs. 

    You rent them for ridiculous amounts of money each month.  Hell, even with all the hardware I personally own, I still get < $3 off my cable bill each month due to not using their hardware.  Still have to pay the "HD fee" bullsh*t, though.

    And so why don't I 'cut the cord' and try to cobble together something equivalent?  Because what I have now has every show in one location.  There doesn't seem to be anything out there that will corral the various streaming services into 1 location, and none of them want to cooperate in this way, either.  Further, they don't seem to want to keep shows around for more than a few weeks.  I'm anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks behind on some shows (don't judge me, you don't know me, dammit) and even Comcast's XFinity online only keeps 3 or so back episodes.

    These media companies are idiots.  If they would treat the paying consumer with some kind of respect, I would gladly shovel handfuls of money at them, but instead, they'd rather turn entertainment into an ad delivery stream.

    And MSFT is the worst of the bunch.  While google slides quickly into the depths of the evil they claim not to be and Apple finds another way to milk rich kids of their hard earned money, MSFT _could_ provide a better product for media delivery.  They have the muscle and the XBone could be the platform.

    But let's make sure to push "Call of Duty 16: Snacks at the VFW" instead.

    In 2003 I had an iPAQ and loved it.  Over time, and due to the same mismanagement, I watched that platform peak on phones and then get literally destroyed due to the same kind of short sighted decisions. 

    I have multiple devices in my house, and only 1 is non-MSFT, but given this stupid, stupid, STUPID decision, that ratio is going to get worse for MSFT.  I just don't need to be running a PC that doesn't do anything.  If the end result is that I have to go elsewhere for media content, then guess who lost their 'Advert delivery devices'.


  • Apparently, WMC is no longer part of Win10

    I'm not sure what kind of morons are making decisions like this, but if you want people to use another product, that's how you do it.

    I've been holding off on updating my win7 media center for windows 10, but turns out I should forget about it.  What a waste and a serious disappointment. 

    I'm tired of playing the supportive spouse to MSFT's abusive media strategy.  They f*cked up xbox media on the phone.  They've f*cked up the podcast player on the phone, and now they're actively pushing people away from using their operating system in the home for media.  For what?  An Xbone? 

    I don't know if this is due to the new CEO or if this is just perpetual legacy stupidity (or both), but honestly, it's like watching Atari in the 80s...




  • Tablets are dying

    Complaining about the start menu and metro in windows 8 is like complaining about airplane food at the Chuckle-Factory.  I've been developing in 8/8.1 for months now, and the only time I even notice either is when I hit the windows key combination and forget the second key.  It is literally never a problem in day-to-day work.

    You obviously want to continue to use MSFT products or you love the abuse you seem to feel is being aimed at you, so embrace it. 

    It's like the whole 'clippy' period of MSFT hate.  You know who never was bothered by clippy?  Me.  Because I turned that sh*t off when I found it bothered me.  I'm not going to waste the fleeting years I have left before I turn to worm-food bitching about something that doesn't affect me or the people I love.

    If you CANNOT work due to something in windows, that's one thing, but if you CHOOSE NOT TO then you are just creating drama for the sake of drama creation.

  • What's a good alternative to the WP music app?

    For music I want to 'own', I'd agree, but in this case, I just want to be able to turn on an playlist of songs/artists/albums that I know will have a decent tempo.  It's what Xbox music promised that it would do.

  • Best of //build/

    I'm interested in VSCode as a potential replacement for Notepad++.  It still seems geared towards scripted languages, but that's not a bad thing.


  • What's a good alternative to the WP music app?

    I'm getting the

    "Can't Fetch Rights.  Sorry, we cannot get the rights for this song.  Please check to make sure your time and date are correct, or try again later."

    error message pretty regularly and instead of skipping the song and moving along to the next, it just stops playing the playlist or artist collection. 

    What's dumb is that in some cases, I can figure out what song it was trying to play and if I try again, it works, so it's obviously some f*ckup in the actual music app.  A google search for the error message finds loads of people complaining about it and not a single response from Microsoft about it, so

    I'm kind of tired of paying nearly $100 a year for music I can't hear and I'd like to find some other service that might work.  I need to be able to play songs even if I don't have an active network connection.  I'm not a luddite, but I'd like to be able to go running in the woods and hear the music.

  • Free WiFi and Coffee at StarBucks

    Part of it is that we tend to turn anything we can into a fetish and then we naturally have to create luxury versions.  Honestly, though, soaking coffee grinds in hot water isn't hi-tech.  The coffee should be the major cost.

  • Tablets are dying

    , wastingtime​withforums wrote


    Writing a huge anti-W8 rant with dozens of links takes me far less time than you think.

    You have no idea how little time I think it takes you....

  • just tried the iWatch.

    , Bass wrote


    If you are a full time worker you probably can't take full advantage of your apartment, because you are at work or out and about most of the time. Yet I work with single folks who rent 2-bedrooms because they want the extra space or need a whole extra room to host their computer. Why is this sensible?

    Because nobody wants to trip over their stuff all the time?  Because they have hobbies?  Because not everybody is out and about all the time? 

    The difference in cost between a $30K car and a $20K car can be massive even if you lease or finance, easily an iWatch per month factoring in larger lease payments and collision/comp coverage. Yet people still buy $30K cars despite $20K car getting you from A to B in roughly the same comfort.

    Yeah, but not really.  A $30k car won't fall apart milliseconds after the warranty period and a 30k car is likely to actually last for 10 years if you take care of it.  Cars need to do more than just take you from point to point once, they need to be able to do it repeatedly and reliably.

    The iWatch is silly, but most consumer electronics are silly, wasteful, and not necessary.  I wouldn't fault anyone for buying one, I just wouldn't waste my own money on one and it certainly isn't 'a new paradigm of timekeeping'.