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  • Episode 3

    Greetings All,

    I thought this Episode of The Code Room was very good. I can't say I was at all worried about the acting but all in all, it's the content that matters and in reality, this scenario is real and unfotunately monetary-fueled crime is common nowadays so, in terms of true-to-life concepts, I couldn't have thought of a better plot myself.I thought the addition of Joel Scambray in this Episode was excellent, he is an excellent Security Evangelist, Speaker and Co-Author of many a book on system Security and it was enjoyable to see his expertise being put to work.

    I would have appreciated detailed explainations of the techniques being used but overall, I think the Episode is easy to understand and follow regardless of whether you're interested in Security or not, it's user-friendly and if we want to help others and educate
    others about Security, then video-based scenarios are ideal.

    Alternatively allow them to read "Secrets & Lies" by Bruce Schneier and tell you with a straight face that they are not at all worried about the Security of their home computer. It's an excellent book; I fully recommend it. Smiley


    Scott Sutton