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ScottWelker ScottWelker
  • Outlook 2016 - Still not able to render HTML emails

    , vesuvius wrote

    @ZippyV: Obviously you are not using Office 365...

    I am and I literally just now abandoned an authored Office 365 Email. There was no "Send" available in the popped up "Reply" window. Although I happen to be using my Linux/FireFox workstation, I find Office 365 equally difficult to use on my Android/Chrome device and only marginally better on my Windows 8/Chrome system. It is a very bad user experience on all - IMHO.

  • Still can't understand the MS sign-in work or personal


    I suspect I've experienced the same issue. Ultimately, I designated different virtual machines for work vs personal (work). I use one-and-only-one account on any given VM. Otherwise, things just seem to get confused as you switch between acounts. Hope this is helpful.

  • Someone still installing Windows updates ​automatical​ly?

    , magicalclick wrote

    Beta testing of those fixes are done through Preview Program. In response to this concern. You can always buy the PRO version. The choice is totally there. I recommend my brother to get the PRO if he is afraid of forced updates. And I am recommending the same thing to you now. What you want is supported by MS, it is not like you have to buy ModernMix to fix windows deficiency. It is a total moot point. Don't like it, get PRO version.

    I support MS on this because most casual users just blame MS for their lack of updates. And most user doesn't even know WU is not automatic due to Lenovo malware. It is not good for the casuals. For power user like you, just be PRO already.

    @magicalclick: Obviously we disagree. A race to the least common denominator is - IMHO - not a good direction. However, it is apparently MS' decision. Can't please everyone. I respect you opinion/decision but it's not for me.

  • Someone still installing Windows updates ​automatical​ly?

    , spivonious wrote

    <snip>... I've done auto updates since XP added the option (SP2?). I guess I'm just lucky, but I've never had a bad update cause downtime.

    In truth I've had little real trouble with the updates. However, I chose when and whether to install them and sometimes I installed them FIRST in a sacrificial test environment. Having no choice but to apply an update NOW is itself downtime and, for me, unacceptable; I can't support that. :@

  • Someone still installing Windows updates ​automatical​ly?

    , cheong wrote <snip>

    In the past I had a few times that the automerge of rpmnew file failed to copy some settings, so have to do manual updates and then verify the settings are correctly copied to the updated configuration file.

    Then again the last time I need to look after Linux systems was about 7 years ago. Things should have gone better.

    Indeed things are markedly improved in the Linux arena. However, I have purposefully chosen the "Stable Release". I demand a reliable platform that I can support.


    For those who'll no doubt opine that this level of stability and control is possible with Enterpris'y Win8/10. Perhaps you are correct. However, the associated costs (real and my time to support it), loss of Tech Net and the resulting inability to maintain (cheap) development and test environments, thrashing MS technology directions, etc., etc. make Windows an increasingly less desirable solutions platform - IMHO.


  • Someone still installing Windows updates ​automatical​ly?

    , TheTraveler wrote

    @ScottWelker: Do you then auto update your linux install?

    I do not auto update. Auto Update is an option, Software Update Preferences. I insist on managing my updates, applying them when I can afford the time/downtime to deal with any fallout.

    With CentOS 6.x. I have not had a single update failure in over of year of use. I also cannot recall it ever requiring a reboot (but I think it did at least once). I am overdue for my upgrade to CentOS 7.x - waiting until I have the time.

  • Someone still installing Windows updates ​automatical​ly?

    I moved to Linux.

    No to Win8. No to auto update / Win10 (for now).

  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

     @BitFlipper / @TexasToast


  • I'm not happy with Windows 10 (details inside) - am I missing something?

    @NoelCarboni: For what it's worth, I DEFINITELY sympathize and agree with your point of view. I suspect most of us who do are no longer active here.

    Sadly, MS has chosen a different direction for the Windows ecosystem. You may find that a Linux based OS better meets your needs - CentOS is stable, predictable, controllable, and useful (with LibreOffice 4.X). We've lost this fight.

  • Office 365 Outlook  - Clutter

    GoddersUK / cheong, I see merit in some of your suppositions and points but, I'll stick by mine.

    I think it would serve us techies well to remember that, for the vast majority of our users, the computer and its software are merely tools to help get some job done.  We cannot reach into our trusty toolbox, pull out the claw hammer and only then find that it has decided it can no longer pull nails. Overly simplistic to be sure but I think it makes the point :-/